Three women have been arrested after committing a variety of violations in Dade City, Florida earlier this month. It all stemmed from a 911 call from a Dade City rest stop that reported three women in the nude. When officers got to the scene, the women explained they’d been kicked out of one of their father’s houses and were ‘air-drying’ after taking “bird” baths at the rest stop.

You might think that’s where the story would end. But no, these were some brave women. They did start to get dressed. but  Instead of complying with the responding troopers’ orders, they issued their own orders, telling the trooper to get out of the way. Then, they – later identified as getaway driver Oasis McLeod, 20, 19-year-old Janiyah McLeod and 20-year-old Cecilia Eunique Young, sped out of the rest stop in a 2009 Nissan Sentra.

We have to ask – how far and fast did they think they could go in that? Well, as it turns out, they led the Florida Highway Patrol on a chase that ended 21 miles away with their car finally stopped when rammed by a police cruiser.

Here’s what the Tampa Bay Times reported:

They got on northbound Interstate 75 and headed for State Road 52. The trooper started speeding after them but her superiors called her off because the circumstances did not meet Highway Patrol’s pursuit policy.

A driver on I-75 called 911 and followed the Nissan to S.R. 52, to San Antonio, Fla. Another trooper found the Nissan, reported seeing it drive the wrong way, then head east on S.R. 52.

A trooper managed to fire a GPS tracker onto the fleeing Nissan, which officials said allowed them to back off the pursuit. Highway Patrol dispatchers in Tampa started tracking the car and radioing its position to troopers.

The Nissan pulled up to a gas station at S.R. 52 and Curley Road and one of the women jumped out of the back seat and ran inside. Two troopers jumped out of their cruiser and ordered the Nissan to stop. It drove off. One trooper drove off after it while the other ran after the fleeing woman.

That trooper tussled with the woman — it was Young, the trooper said, who kicked, scratched and hit him — and just as he got her on the ground he said he saw the Nissan driving at him.

He jumped out of the way, then said Jeniyah McLeod got out of the car and threatened him with a metal bat. Seeing one trooper in danger, the other trooper used his cruiser to ram the back of the Nissan.

The women all got in the Nissan and drove off again. It fled east on S.R. 52. but ran over a tire-deflation device place on the road by Dade City police officers, blowing out the right-side tires.

The pursuit finally ended when the Nissan entered an active school zone outside Pasco High School, troopers said, while students were crossing S.R 52. One of the pursuing troopers was authorized to use the “PIT maneuver” — Pursuit Intervention Technique — and used the front end of his cruiser to knock the Nissan off the road at S.R. 52 and Old San Ann Road, just off the Pasco High baseball field.

But the women refused to leave the Nissan and instead locked arms, trooper said. A trooper used a Taser to stun one of them. The driver, Oasis McLeod, then surrendered. The women all invoked their rights not to speak to troopers. Oasis McLeod agreed to perform field sobriety exercises, troopers said, and appeared to be impaired.

Let’s see – these women failed to comply with orders, threatened state troopers, then fled the scene, brandished a baseball bat at another trooper, tussled with a state trooper and then, The Tampa Bay Times reported, provided sarcastic answers to police when in custody. These ladies must have had angels on their shoulders. But their actions do mean they are now facing multiple charges, including assault on a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest and indecent exposure. All, as of late this week, are currently still in custody in the Pasco County Jail.

Ironically, Pasco County is considered the top nudist location in the world due to its clothing-optional communities,  though its unclear whether these young ladies knew anything about that.


PHOTO: Pasco County Sheriff’s Office



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