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A St. Louis teacher has been accused of molesting a student in his classroom and then hiring a hitman to kill the boy and his family, KSDK reports.

Deonte Taylor, 36, and his accomplice and boyfriend Michael Johnson, 66, both pleaded not guilty to a multitude of charges during their court appearance on Wednesday.

KSDK reports that in 2015 while Taylor, who is HIV positive, was working at an elementary, he molested a 7-year-old student.

Charges were filed in 2018 when Taylor’s DNA matched samples found on the former student.

Months later while he was awaiting trial from behind bars, police say Taylor and Johnson attempted to hire a hitman to kill the boy, who is now 10-years-old, and his family.

Taylor faces felony sodomy charges. Both he and Johnson reportedly face conspiracy to commit murder and witness tampering charges.

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8 thoughts on “St. Louis Teacher Hired Hitman To Kill Student He’s Accused Of Molesting

  1. Ted Gravely on said:

    Disturbing on so many levels. This is why I despise blue racists. When you call them and have an open and shut – it takes three years to bring this to trial. Kudos to the kid for his resolve and outstanding/loving parenting. Jussie Smollett…..immediate resolution over nonsense. Secondly, he is gay. It’s an abomination, but how do they know he is HIV Positive. That worries me on so many levels. Unless he was forced to reveal his status or it was determined through the DNA he left on that kid – that violation is horrific. Finally, he’s thirty and had a sixty something year old “boyfriend.” Something tells me Deonte was abused at a very young age. He should go to jail, but he also needs treatment. That brother is disturbed on so many levels; abuse of a child, abuse him at school, and hire hitman for murder. Sickening.

  2. Vay Bell on said:

    Man, makes you afraid to send the children to school. Parents, believe your kids when they tell you something about an adult. When I was coming up, my mother sided with the teacher. However, you can’t these days.

  3. Damn, damn, damn……how quickly can his soul be tossed into hell!!!! This is about as low as one can go. I am intentionally going around using the word human because he misses that mark. What a disgusting psycho he is and his boyfriend follows closely in tow. I pray this young man will be able to get the intensive mental and psychological help he needs to overcome this horrible act committed against him. May both of these POSs endure the revenge punishment of prison and then drop off in hell.

  4. This has to be one of the saddest stories involving a Teacher I’ve ever read. This Teacher needs to be beaten tortured and then burned. He and his partner are both truly sick minded people. My heart goes out to the child. Please get him the help he needs to face this horrible and tragic situation he endured by some one who should be a trusted adult in his life. God Bless the Family.

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