Devon Franklin’s ‘Breakthrough’ Is A ‘Powerful’ Story Of Faith


Devon Franklin produced a film called Breakthrough which he calls “a powerful true story” about a mother who prayed her son back to life.

Franklin says this film is “a resurrection story in a resurrection time.” The story that the film is based on is the story of 14-year-old John Smith who fell through a frozen lake and was pronounced dead. His mother, Joyce Smith, refused to accept it and basically prayed him back to life.

The message of the film that Franklin wants people to take from it is that “prayer still works.” People who have seen the film text him saying that they cried “tears of joy” throughout the whole movie.

Breakthrough is in theaters now.

See trailer below:


2 thoughts on “Devon Franklin’s ‘Breakthrough’ Is A ‘Powerful’ Story Of Faith

  1. Belinda Anderson on said:

    I didn’t go see Breakthrough today because I had just got my hair done but we need to go see this to support DeVon Franklin and Steph Curry. It’s supposed to be a great faith based movie.

    Let me know when you can go.

    Sent from my iPhone


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