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After making headlines for providing free haircuts for the homeless in Philadelphia, barber Brennon Jones wants to know why his good deed has now drawn the wrong type of attention.

In a video uploaded to Twitter by Muslim activist StanceGrounded, the Haircuts 4 Homeless founder is seen being accosted by police officers.

“Philadelphia Police tying to shut down a black man giving free haircuts to the homeless,” StanceGrounded wrote in his viral tweet. “THIS IS INFURIATING. THIS IS SO OUTRAGEOUS. Retweet!”

But, Jones hasn’t been able to get any answers.

“A police officer approached me and told me I had to shut down immediately after receiving a call from a sergeant,” Jones told Yahoo Lifestyle. “I asked for the sergeant’s name and badge number and a legitimate excuse why. He didn’t give me any information of why I had to shut down, he just told me I had to.”

Jones informed the officer that he had received permission to provide haircuts on the sidewalk to those in need, and did not budge. The officer then made some phone calls while seemingly arguing with Jones in the two-minute viral clip.

The St. Louis-based Ethical Society of Police, a collection of black police officers who address racial discrimination within police departments, took to twitter to share their disapproval of the situation.

“Why do we continue to interfere where we don’t belong? This isn’t a police matter,” the organization tweeted. “Furthermore, he’s doing something that brings our community together. Let the man help others.”

The situation worked out in Jones’ favor as he didn’t have to stop cutting hair, as long as he ensured that he was cleaning up the hair.

“I try not to let anything stop me from the mission and the mission is bigger than myself, and it’s all about those people who are forgotten, who are looked down on, who are talked about and mistreated,” Jones said. “Lives are literally changed, there’s a rebranding of humanity and it’s all ‘cause [of] this initiative. So I’m gonna keep going and I won’t let nothing get in the way of the goal and that’s to spread love.”

The Philadelphia Police Department has yet to provide an official statement on the matter but did offer a tepid response on Twitter.

“We learned this happened on Wed 4/10 at 8th & Market,” they tweeted. “The officer approached the barber and initially asked him to cease due to complaints from businesses about lose hair on the street. The barber agreed to sweep after each cut. Barber was not shut down, not cited, not moved.”

But despite the favorable outcome, Jones insists the police are being dishonest.

“I feel as though that may have just been their excuse to clear their name,” he told PEOPLE. “[The officer] didn’t say they’d receive any complaints, he didn’t say there was hair blowing, he just said, ‘You have to shut down immediately.’”

Jones won’t allow this situation to stop him from helping others.

“Issues come and go. It may be the cops one day. It may be somebody else the next day,” Jones said. “I won’t let it discourage me in any way… I’m just focused on providing a service for the less fortunate.”

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17 thoughts on “Police Tell Philadelphia Barber To Stop Providing Free Haircuts To Homeless

  1. D-Scott on said:

    It’s good to see someone take time out their busy schedule to give back to the community. Not many barbers would take a day of missing money from working in the barbershop to do a good dead. We all need to give back in some way.

  2. Michael Middleton on said:

    My family and I were stopped from giving ice cold bottled water, bagged potato chips and bananas on one of the hottest days of the year by police. Some of these homeless people are veterans in need of our help. As I stated before, this is a very sick society and it’s quickly deteriorating further.

  3. That is a horrible excuse. The birds would pick that hair up for nest, and how much hair could one head produce to cause a problem? Ridiculous! They hate to see us breath! Shame! Solve some murders!

  4. These illegal Aliens are here selling, corn, tacos, clothes, cotton candy, and ice cream without a license, they are here illegally, selling stuff on the streets using their Anchor babies Link Cards! Where is the police to stop this?

    • Shawn on said:

      You just said it was public. A business is when you are making money, and he isn’t an non-profit. So what are you talking about. Go under a bridge and help a homeless person, since you have all the ideas.

    • Christianforreal on said:

      A business, BP, would be the exchange of money and/or one service for another. This man is performing a service for free. That’s not a business. So what he’s doing would not fit your synopsis

      • Butter Pecan on said:

        Still can’t set up on a sidewalk and impede the flow of pedestrians and legitimate businesses that pay taxes to the city

  5. americanize on said:

    Please you no the sergeant is a suspected white supremacist.He sends the negro officer to tell the brother he has to leave.B/C they no if they sent white officers it would have been obvious.Black America you have no friends.

  6. Passing Through!! on said:

    Why do we continue to interfere where we don’t belong? This isn’t a police matter,” the organization tweeted
    Exactly, inferring where they don’t f-ing belong. It’s amazing how fast a black man can draw negative attention even when doing the right thing. That’s why I can never understand how any real black man can lay and breed with white women.

  7. Ted Gravely on said:

    You can’t make this stuff up. Criminalize anything the black man does. The slave patrol is out in force. If it would have been the white devil out there – this deed would have been on good morning america. They would have used their resident house slave Robin Roberts and promulgated the goodness of the white world. Just like that McClure woman, her heathen boyfriend and the so called homeless man who “gave” his last. The media was complicit in robbing fools out of more than $400,000. This brother is cutting hair on the sidewalk and it becomes a reason to approach. Just ask him to sweep up the hair. Done – be gone. Glad that racist didn’t fear for his life.

  8. And they refer to Philly as the “City of Brotherly Love/Sisterly affection.”—bullshit!!!!!
    This town is so UGLY it is terrible.

    WTF is it to Philly PIGS if this man is providing a fee service to homeless men.

    Receiving a free haircut and shave would make a homeless guy feel like a worthy member of society, rather than an OUTcast.

    Kudo’s to this brotha for stepping UP!!!!!!!!

    It was probably some white PIG who demanded the brother to stop doing the freebies.
    white folks DO NOT WISH TO SEE US UNITE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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