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Chicago Air And Water Show Media Day 2015

Source: Raymond Boyd / Getty

via Bossip.com:

According to ABC13, a newly released video shows an incident at Marshall High School in which Chicago officers are seen punching, kicking, and dragging a 16-year-old girl, Dnigma Howardm, down a flight of stairs.

On the footage, you can see Dnigma talking to a friend as officers loom in the background. When the friend leaves they immediately run up on Dnigma and push her to the ground.

Video from another angle shows the officers dragging Howard down the stairs, and at the bottom one officer is holding her arm while the other is holding her leg.

“In the video you can see they pull her by the leg down the stairs, the whole flight of stairs,” Dnigma’s father Laurentio Howard.

One cop on the video appears to both punch and kick the teenaged girl while she’s on the ground. Dnigma’s father had been called to the school to pick her up after she was kicked out of class for having her phone out. He was on hand watching Chicago police handle his daughter like this.

“I’m standing downstairs by the front door and she said, ‘I’m going to get her to come downstairs. She’s going home right now,’” he said.

“I couldn’t believe I seen two sworn police officers of Chicago abusing my daughter like this and I’m standing right there watching them do this and can’t do anything about it,” he recalled of the incident.



Chicago Police Caught On Camera Punching Female High School Student was originally published on rickeysmileymorningshow.com

One thought on “Chicago Police Caught On Camera Punching Female High School Student

  1. jbolar on said:

    The police will say the police the officers were in the right. They were afraid for their lives and she started it. Another lawsuit.

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