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R. Kelly is back in the news because his landlord just made a strategic move to get the back-rent money Kellz has been holding out on.

The landlord, Midwest Commercial Funding, simply went to court and got a subpoena issued against Sony Music Holdings, Inc and was able to get the music company to freeze $264,535 in Kelly’s biannual royalty account, reports The Blast.

It most likely wasn’t a big deal to Sony because earlier this year, the entities parted ways in the wake of the now infamous “Surviving R. Kelly” docu-series on Lifetime.

Here’s more via The Blast:

The amount frozen by Sony was meant to pay off the $173,855.08 Midwest was still owed on a judgement awarded after the R&B singer stopped paying rent on his infamous Chicago music studio.

However, after Sony froze Kelly’s account, Midwest was able to collect $154, 527.22 from one of Kelly’s Bank of America accounts after a “turnover order” was issued.

After applying the payment from BofA, Midwest says they only need $52,431.55 from the Sony account, and the “I Believe I Can Fly” singer will be clear on his debt.

Midwest is asking the court to allow them to retrieve the money from Sony and finally be rid of Kelly once and for all.

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3 thoughts on “R. Kelly’s Chicago Landlord Seizes His Sony Music Royalties To Pay Off Huge Debt

  1. Good– I hope R. Kelly winds up BROKE!!!!!!!

    Karma is the bitch that I luv.
    I feel sorry for the PIED PIPER of PEDOPHILIA when KARMA slaps his azz down!!!!!!!!

    • Amber on said:

      First, I believe in judging every high profile case on a case by case level. Everybody case is not alike. But I agree with you L. See, when u are truthful and accused, the lies of the accusers will be revealed and be changing stories. if u are the accusers and telling the truth, the accused lies will be revealed and changing stories. It never fails.

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