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Jussie Smollett pleaded not guilty to all 16 charges but Tommy Davidson believed he should be facing 17 charges not 16. He actually believes that Jussie is lying about his identity and is a DeBarge, not a Smollett.

While he says Smollett is not the best liar he’d be a great writer. If he wrote a book about “how to mess up a paycheck” it’d be a hit.

Black folks everywhere were ready to “get the picket signs” he really “had us by the heart.” So hearing that he likely made the whole this up stings a little worse. Especially for the city of Chicago.

Then in Chicago they’ve been going through it lately with the whole R. Kelly situation

He wants to know why folks are coming after him “like that” because “it happened like an avalanche, he was at home having a sandwich” But it was the doc

He met him but he didn’t speak to him

it was family day and everyone was ready to go see him but then on the big screen “porn came on for about 15 seconds” and everybody freaked out. But basically Kelly played the porn to “get back” at the event promoter who he was mad at.


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2 thoughts on “Tommy Davidson Is Convinced That Jussie Smollett Is Actually A DeBarge

  1. Marilyn Mason on said:

    This news is getting old, like 3 weeks ago. If it not him, it R.Kelly. What the matter nothing esle to talk about. Give me a break.

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