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The showrunner for Fox’s Lethal Weapon revealed at the 2019 TCA winter press tour that series star Damon Wayans has been an absolute joy to work with on the show; now that network bosses addressed his “cry for help.”

You may recall Wayans saying that he was over the show and had no plans to return for a third season, citing health and family reasons.

“I am going to be quitting the show in December, after we finish the initial 13,” Wayans told Electronic Urban Report. “So, I really don’t know what they’re planning but that’s what I’m planning. I’m a 58-year-old diabetic and I’m working 16-hour days.”

According to showrunner Matt Miller, things have settled down behind the scenes for season 3 and the show has continued on with Wayans and new co-star Seann William Scott in the lead roles.

At the TCA panel, Miller revealed that the show’s producers came to an agreement with Wayans regarding his health.

“He was tired. It was a kind of cry for help. We worked with him on how to accommodate him. Since that time it’s been an absolute joy to work with him on the show. It was tough for him. He’s not a young guy and this is a crazy show to make. All I can say without deferring to him is that he’s in Hawaii right now and he has a big smile on his face. He and Seann got along great. It was really a charmed experience from that moment until now.”

Miller also acknowledged that the show “has a shelf life.”

“If we could tell a few more delightful seasons of television, that would be perfectly fine with me,” Miller said.

“Lethal Weapon” Season 3 is set to return on February 12 for three more episodes.

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