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Beto O'Rourke

Source: Sanerica Davis / Radio One Houston

Beto O’Rourke has officially announced that he’s seeking the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination. The news comes months after intense speculation on what O’Rourke’s political plans were after he became a political celebrity following his near upset of Ted Cruz in their 2018 U.S. Senate Race.

Before challenging Cruz, O’Rourke was known mostly as an El Paso state senator who was not only relatable but passionate about the issues he championed. But he became a national sensation after using grassroots organizing and social media savvy to galvanize young voters and minorities. Many called it “Obama-esque.” He nearly defeated Cruz in the nation’s largest Republican-controlled state, shattering national fundraising records in the process.

He joins a large 2020 field for Democrats, both in terms of diversity and also in name. More women are running for President in 2020 from Kamala Harris to Elizabeth Warren and others. Bernie Sanders is back and also so is New Jersey Senator Cory Booker.

But O’Rourke has more than a few celebrity endorsements in his bag already. Beyoncé endorsed O’Rourke in his 2018 Senate campaign, same for LeBron James. The El Paso senator may have a lack of experience in regards to domestic and foreign policy but is more than a charismatic face and unlike a few others currently in government — has actually served in a legislative body.


He’s Running: Beto O’Rourke Announces 2020 Presidential Bid was originally published on theboxhouston.com

One thought on “He’s Running: Beto O’Rourke Announces 2020 Presidential Bid

  1. Ken Sears on said:

    There is an all-important, dare I say stratospheric, difference between authentic, thoughtful reflection, on the one hand, and a manic obsession with checking off every point from the Leftist handbook, in every utterance, whether the points have anything to do with the topic or not, lest someone somewhere throw a Twitter fit.

    Indulging in the latter isn’t courage but a spineless, jello-like, wiggly-jiggly infantilism that, out of sheer desperation for acceptance, spouts whatever works.

    “Would you for instance tear down that border wall over there?” “Uh, yeah, sure, I’ll do that! Pleeeeeeeezzzz…love me.”

    “How dare you joke about your wife doing more to raise your children than you!” “I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I’m guilty, will never do it again, plus (even though you didn’t mention it) I’ve got White Privilege! Hey, slap me for it, I’m cool with that. Pleeeeeeeeezzzz…love me.”

    “We want to use the engine of capitalism (tax the rich). Wait, wait! Step back from the Twitter screens! I HATE capitalism: it’s imperfect, unfair, unjust, and racist (did I forget an adjective; please fill it in and assume I meant it). We just want to use it (tax the rich) but also hate, hate , hate it at the same time, see? Pleeeeeeeezzzz….love me.”

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