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Bravo network is reportedly ready to exploit former model/famed restaurateur B. Smith as the network is rumored to have greenlit a reality show that will follow Smith, her husband Dan Gasby and his girlfriend Alex Lerner.

MTO reported that former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” producer Carlos King has signed a production deal with Dan and Alex for a reality TV show about their relationship and as caretakers of Smith, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2014. King sat next to Lerner during Gasby’s appearance on The View recently.

Smith’s husband of 27 years, Gasby says he was showered with death threats after he and his lover went on a media blitz to discuss their unorthodox relationship.

But according to a JasmineBRAND exclusive report, King is denying reports that he’s prepping a new reality show on Gasby and Lerner.

“I normally don’t address rumors but felt the need to put this to rest. I am not producing a reality show with B Smith’s husband, Dan Gasby and his girlfriend,” the said.

“I was in attendance of The View taping and sat in the audience next to Dan’s girlfriend where people assumed we were all doing a reality show. This isn’t true.”

Would you watch a reality show that chronicles Dan, his ailing wife and his lover?



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10 thoughts on “Did Bravo Greenlight A Reality Show With Dan Gasby, B. Smith And His Girlfriend?

  1. He is unstable & should not be solely in charge of B. He is angry and using excuses for his behavior. Most would have a dedicated staff for his wife, not his mistress.

  2. Hell naw to the naw!! I wouldn’t watch any nonsense like this. Dan and his woman will get a reality check from Karma sooner or later. I continue to be baffled by their lack of remorse and morals while they continue to deny any wrong doing – theirs is coming though

  3. Passing Through!! on said:

    I’m not surprised of course they would love to exploit this coon uplifting his white bed wench, his pale whore. Bravo would be more than happy to aid in the destruction of black love by pushing the new race plague known as the interracial agenda.

  4. Regarding B Smith’s husband, and girlfriend doing a reality show… offense but these type of reality shows are boring as hell, and have no substance. And, generally speaking people who watch these type of reality shows need to get a life because it’s mostly fake manufactured situations

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