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Brandy is 40 today. Let that sink in. From her groundbreaking TV show Moesha to her quintessential 90’s hits, to her reality show TV appearances and beefs with Monica (hopefully now squashed) it seems like Brandy has been around forever. And maybe he has as she’s been on TV, radio or in the movies since she was just 15 years old. Here are some highlights of BRocka’s life in the spotlight.



We first encountered a young Brandy on this short-lived sitcom (with a young Jason Weaver as well).



Brandy’s first album, Brandy, included her first big hit, “I Wanna Be Down”


Brandy also starred on a sitcom Moesha with Sheryl Lee Ralph and William Allen Young playing her parents and Countess Vaughn as her bestie. Well before ‘representation’ was a thing, Brandy became one of the first Black teenage girls represented on TV on her own TV show. Almost ever star of the era appeared on the show, some before they became big stars. The late Bernie Mac as just one example, played Moesha’s uncle.

When Brandy got famous we got a bonus sibling in her younger brother, Ray J.



Brandy loved, loved, loved Whitney – and sadly and ironically, Whitney passed on Brandy’s 33rd birthday. The 1997 TV move, one that embraced a multicultural cast, allowed the two to work together, something Brandy was absolutely ecstatic about.


Not only were the young stars rivals in the video, they were legitimate rivals in real life and tensions broke out on the set of the music video for the 1998 song. The two have beefed on social media in recent years but have recently seemed to squash it. Regardless, the song became the biggest hit of each of their careers spending 13 weeks at #1 and becoming the biggest hit by a female dud in music history. Brandy’s Never Say Never album which the song is on, is also the biggest selling album of her career, selling 16 million copies and another #1 “Have You Ever?”


Brandy’s entry on the Waiting To Exhale soundtrack positioned her as one of the contributors to the platinum soundtrack, but also became one of her most memorable hit records. The song went #2 for Brandy and the video, shot by Hype Williams and starring actor Donald Faison is one of her most memorable.


Not only did Brandy star in a movie with Whitney Houston she also starred in another with the legendary Diana Ross. In 1999’s “Double Platinum” Brandy stars with Ross as a mother and daughter who have been separated for 19 years when the mother abandons her daughter for a music career.


Brandy’s time on Dancing With the Stars Season 11 in 2010 was fraught with controversy as no one could believe her fourth place finish. Still to this day, fans believe she was robbed.


Brandy played Chardonnay on The Game for three seasons earning a few accolades including a 2014 NAACP Image Award for Best Supporting Actress in a TV Series


Brandy plays Cassie Brown, the younger sister of Carlotta Brown, played by Queen Latifah, on the hit Fox show. After starting as a recurring character, she’s now a season regular.

Happy birthday Brandy! You’ve accomplished a lot in 40 years.

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