Wiz Khalifa has made history as the first rapper to release a new song as a cookie, reports Ad Age.

According to the magazine, Wiz intends to reach younger fans with the family-appropriate “Stay Playful,” that will only be available via the Oreo X Wiz Khalifa Limited-Edition Music Box, which plays the music off the groves of an Oreo like a record, per nme.com.

The collaboration was announced in a 30-second commercial of Wiz playing with his 5-year-old son Sebastian, whom he shares with ex-wife Amber Rose. Scroll up and watch the clip above.

“My reaction to OREOs trying to get me to make a song was like, ‘Wow, okay this is a cool opportunity to take what I’ve been doing for a long time and then something that I’ve been enjoying for a long time … kinda put those two together,’” the rap star stated.

The cookie apparently works just like a record – you place an Oreo on the Music Box and position the record arm to play the song.

“Releasing a song on a cookie is crazy. Because it’s like technology has been so advanced these days and to incorporate something that is really really classic and then bring it up to date with the technology… it’s good for the kids, it’s good for everybody but it’s also just super cool – like it’s fun to see,” Khalifa told Hot New Hip Hop.

In terms of working with his son, Wiz said, “It’s really cool for me to work with [Bash] in front of the camera because I feel like it’s something that he’s going to end up doing in life anyway. So, the more experience that you gain and the more that it’s fun and it’s comfortable, you get good memories from it … he can go on for the rest of his life and do whatever he wants to and he won’t feel, ya know, the same kind of anxiety that other people might feel. He’ll know exactly how to process roles and how to make it his as well, which is really important.”

According to Page Six, the cookie company will give away Oreo X Wiz Khalifa Limited-Edition Music Boxes on its website on Feb. 10.

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