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The Alabama police officer who shot and killed 21-year-old Emantic Bradford Jr. on Thanksgiving night at a mall will not face charges.

According to NBC News, State Attorney General Steve Marshall announced Tuesday that he concluded after his investigation that the officer did not break the law and will not be charged in the death of Bradford Jr.

Bradford was shooting at the Riverchase Galleria in Hoover as the officer, who has not been identified was responding to gunfire at the mall.

The attorney general’s report reportedly says the officer believed Bradford had fired the earlier shots and was justified in shooting him. The officer saw Bradford running toward the shooting scene with a gun and believed he was trying to kill the shooting victim, according to the report.

NBC reports, the officer “reasonably exercised his official powers, duties, or functions when he shot E. J. Bradford on the night of Nov. 22, 2018,” the report states. Accordingly, Alabama law declares his action “justified and not criminal.”

On Tuesday evening, protesters reportedly burned two American flags outside Hoover City Hall. They also spray painted the words “BLACK LIVES DON’T MATTER,” on the flags.

Demonstrator Carlos Chaverst Jr. told onlookers, “His life burned. And now this American flag is going to burn to represent what it’s like to be Black in America.”

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18 thoughts on “Alabama Attorney General Releases Video, Rules Police Shooting Of Emantic Bradford Jr. Was Justified



  3. ALERT!!! ALERT!!!! SISTERS AAW and LadyG Agin I say to WAKE THE F—K UP you all are really in a DAZE don”t know where you but this is PLANT EARTH and you folks sound like you two just ROLLED out of bed after a BEARS SLUMBBER. LADIES YOU ARE LIKE MANY WE WILL WAKE YOU UP WHEN THE REVOLUTION IS OVER THEN YOU WILL BE FREE!!!!!!!!!! POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!

  4. AAW Unhinged NO!!!! YOUR PROBLEM IS THAT YOU HAVN”T WOKE UP YET!!!!!! Slavery is still ALive and well in AMERIKA.Look at all the NEGROS in the music and sports industry these ARE SLAVES MAKIN THAT WHITE DEVIL MILLIONS!!!!!!So WAKE UP MY SIS AND SMELL THE REAL DEAL cause you are LIVIN in a WORLD of YOUR OWN!!!!!!!!!! POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!

    • That’s your POV and that’s great. When look around me, with respect to us, I see, sadly, alot of lost potential because of self-limiting behaviors and excuse making; such as you do. If you believe that slavery still exists, then you are asleep and also afraid to take control of your own life and responsibilities. Again, in case no one told you; you’re free and if you think you’re being enslaved, well that means you’re volunteering. A man doesn’t ALLOW anyone to control or keep him down…Are you a man or the white man’s boy as you sound like?

  5. ihuf-foot the mishap of the white boy was purely ONE OFA KIND OCCURANCE ,THESE ROGUE MF, usually look out for there OWN ,because BLACKS LIVES mean nothin to them. As one ROGUE FIRED MF COP said he goes everynight to work in the zoo. HUMMMMMMMMMMMMM MULTIPLIED THINKING.!!!!!! POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!

  6. AAW you know not what you defend just wait until it happens to one of your KIN, you WON”T BE SO READY TO DEFEND THAT ROGUE COP THAT IS TRUELY OUT THERE EVERYDAY!!!!!!! IT IS A HARD JOB BUT THESE BEAST(POPO THAT IS ) NEED A WHOLE LOT OF NEW TRAINING!!!!!!! POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!

    • You sound unhinged. And your all-over-the-place style of writing says that you may be a little disturbed. I’ll tell you what I’ve told others. I have no obsessive thoughts or fear of white people. They live their lives; I live mine and so does everyone else. Because my mind isn’t in bondage 24-7 by some with some white man who isn’t thinking about me; I spend zero time and energy trying to guess his next move. If no one ever told you, I will; slavery ended in 1863. Your self-worth should come from within, not from some story you created in your mind about some white boogey man who’s after you and last but not least; no one can make you feel inferior without your permission. Stew on those words and maybe you’ll be able to free your brain from slavery.

  7. Ted Gravely on said:

    Always making excuses for professional gang members. This is absolutely about that young man’s skin color. White people are encouraged to have weapons to protect themselves against the very incident that happened in that mall. Random idiot starts shooting and this man pulls out his firearm to protect himself. In the minds of blue racists, no way a black man could be legally armed trying to “legally” defend himself. He shouldn’t die because you’re incompetent and because someone fired shots earlier. That blue racist was initially celebrated by coons and the klan. Coons similar to the ones that circle BAW like the buzzards they are. White Americans have legitimized the old Slave patrols, now these patrols have transitioned to the modern police departments; both designed to control the behaviors of minorities. A U.S. Soldier at war has to abide by the rules of engagement. You can’t say oops, I shot the wrong person. That soldier would be court martial. That’s in a wartime environment and those soldiers are held to an international standard. Yet they let legal incompetent and mostly white gang members loose in our free society where you have the right to bear arms. Only in racist America can a white man shoot a black man and another black man is responsible for his incompetence. Straight shining. They earn the hate everyday. Black people don’t ever trust these racists – including the ones that look like you. They love this racist system and their master.

  8. Agin another ROGUE THUG WHITE COP!!!!!carrying out his ANIMAL INSTINCT (SEE BLACK MAN WITH GUN KILL!!!!! There was no evaluation of what was going on just AIM and SHOOT!!!!!! These THUGGS shud be REPARMANDED and TAUGHT that ALL PEOPLE OF COLOR are not CRIMINALS!! they well continue to do their SHIGGETY and GET AWAY WITH IT!!!!!! RIP MY BRO !!! AVENGEMENT WILL SOON BE ABOUND!!!!!!!!! POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!

  9. This young man fought for this damn country only to return home to be MURDERED
    by some REDNECK PIGS.

    How was this man’s MURDER JUSTIFIED???????????????????????????????????

    I hope Mr. Bradford’s family obtain an attorney–Benjamin Crumb and sue the ALABAMA
    PD for “wrongful death.”

  10. It’s tragic that this young man died, but as a police officer responding to a shooting, sees someone at the scene running with a gun; the officer has seconds to make a judgement call. Now, they need to charge the actual shooters with felony murder. Had it not been for them, this young man would not be dead. Again, this isn’t about color. NOW if they want to point out how black lives don’t matter; address that with the BLACK men shooting at the BLACK PEOPLE at the mall. This behavior will never change if we continue to act like it doesn’t exist.

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