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Mo’Nique headed to ‘The Real’ this week to talk to the women on the couch about her Las Vegas residency and more One of the things she addressed was a perceived beef between her and ‘Real’ host Adrienne Bailon.

Mo’Nique who is now enjoying a residency at the SLS in Las Vegas through March 30th. has expressed her views ad nauseam on Hollywood shadiness skewering Lee Daniels, Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry, Whoopi Goldberg and Netflix, who she says undercut her worth in a standup special for the network.

Mo’Nique said that although she didn’t agree with what she and internet observers saw as “shade’ from Bailon, she never had any “beef” with her.

Watch below to see what they both had to say:

And here’s what Mo’Nique had to say about the controversy over a host for this year’s Oscars.

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16 thoughts on “Mo’Nique Keeps It Real On ‘The Real’

  1. I really like Monique whereas many don’t I enjoy her feisty nature and being unapologetically being black. I hear a lot of complaints about her being loud but most of our comedic greats all were loud and wrong like Richard Pryor, Moms Mabley, Red Foxx. 5hese are the black cultures most loved. Monique in my opinion may come off as angry seeing that she has thrown shade at beloved media moguls who I think can protect themselves no need for me to take up their fights. Noone really knows what went on or the promises made to Monique. She transforms to meet whatever is in her way and I am definitely here for it love you Moe!! 💕💕💯🎈💋

  2. lady day on said:

    Monique’s whole thing started when she won that Oscar, from that point you couldn’t tell her nothing and she refuses to listen to the experts regarding how you had to “play the game”. She’s a great actress, don’t like her comedy and I wish she would let it go and move on with her career. Keeping that angry attitude about everybody miss treats me is hard on the body and soul. You may think you are worth millions of dollars, but others have a different opinion.

  3. I actually like Monique as an actress. However, I hate hearing her try to have the conversation. She tries to come across as being intelligent and impassioned but is actually being very condescending. To say she is ‘grown’, too old for ‘beefs’ w/people or there is no ‘shade’ is bull. She throws shade all the time and then hides behind, my sistah or my babies. Adrienne Bailon hit the nail on the head. All these African Americans killing it in the game, why can’t they get together and have a conversation. Yes her comments were part of her stand-up routine but she continued those things off stage, which was beef and shade. Those big wigs are just to mature and successful to stoop to her level. You can’t have a conversation w/someone like her. She’s going to be the loudest one in the room, which is a sign of insecurity and weakness. To say she has more experience than Adrienne was just stupid. Oprah and Whoopi can say the same to her. Calling Whoopi the help and then going on The Real and using that as an opportunity to try and put Adrienne Bailon in her place by calling her a baby was insulting and throwing shade. I’m glad Adrienne stood her ground and I’m glad Whoopi has ignored her (well as far as I can tell).

  4. I hope Monique’s Vegas residency is successful but for the last several years I’ve been turned off by her many complaints about Oprah, Tyler Perry and whoever else. It’s Monique’s life and neither Oprah nor Tyler are responsible for what happens in her life

  5. pac4me on said:

    Monique is too old for a lot of shit that she’s doing right now – why keep giving her a platform to act out on – Tyler, Oprah, Lee, Whoopi and even Netflex too all have way more money, time & clout than Monique will ever have so stop, please enough!!!

    • Marlow so long as they can act loud and crazy and abusive to others they have a platform and that platform is making money for them so they are not going to stop anytime soon..Monique’s is more angry, I’m sure that’s from childhood and unfortunately we have to Witness it. She is a great comedian

  6. It sure is. It’s like she had to go and appear on “The Real” because half of America calls her fake. Which she is. People with twice her comedy talent have faded from view and her pitiful self is still in front of the camera. Wtf?

  7. I couldn’t stand her on the Parkers, calling people “playuh” made her sound like a ho. I didn’t like her “don’t trust skinny bitches” routine. It wasn’t funny at all. I noticed she nearly busted a gut trying to slim down so that whole bit made her look like a fool.

    She’s loud and abrasive trying to prove she can be bougie, too. The camera is not her friend. Pass.

    • I totally agree with you regarding the skinny B**** bit. It was rude and unnecessary. That would have been called body shamming today. If a skinny woman would have made a joke about her being over weight, all hell would broke loose.

  8. Kimiekakes1969 on said:

    I agree with Adrian…Monique is loud. Sometimes you cannot hear her message over her big mouth. Sometimes you need to STFU and check yourself. There is not conspiracy to keep Monique from prospering. Sometimes we need to get out of our own way. Speak up for yourself by all means, but its not what you say, but how you say it sometimes that hurts a person. She could be right about Oprah, Tyler, Lee, Whoopi, Tiffany and Netflix….but once you started cussing, getting loud and defaming them in front of the “others” I quit listening.

  9. Monique so full of SHIT,but lil Adrian wasn’t having it today, she was straight like, ” You Ain’t Gone Nice Nasty my Ass Today Monique” Good for her, because nice-nasty is Monique’s specialty

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