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For most teachers the school week starts on Monday and ends on Friday and they can go about living their life. The Christian Post reports that one superintendent had to overturn a principal’s decision after a teacher was forbidden from going to a church event during non-school hours.

The Liberty Counsel, which is known as the conservative Christian legal group is defending the teacher that was told she couldn’t attend an event given by her church.

According to reports in December the teacher was approached by the principal and questioned about the church event. The principal explained that the teacher couldn’t attend because two students from the school would be attending and it would violate some “fraternization” policies.

A representative from the Liberty Counsel got in contact with the district and asked that the policy be tossed out. They believe not only was it unconstitutional, but took away from the teachers First Amendment rights.

Chairman Mat Staver for the Liberty Counsel said, “It makes no sense to have a policy like that. Let’s say a teacher is attending a church and students decided to also attend the same church; does that mean that the teacher has to leave that church and go someplace else?”

After getting the superintendent involved the principal’s decision was overruled and she was placed on administrative leave. She then resigned from her position.

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