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The NAACP Houston Branch will host a community town hall meeting on Monday, January 28 at 7 PM to address the Houston Independent School District’s superintendent search and to determine what could be the best leadership for HISD children. It will take place at Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church in Third Ward and is free and open to the public.

The town hall is calling all HISD parents, civic leaders, elected officials, community influencers and faith leaders.

Governor Gregg Abbott proposed a state takeover of HISD’s school board, critical of the school district’s leadership, what he called “self-centered ineptitude” that has “failed the children they are supposed to educate.”

The district announced last week that they were hosting a series of meetings to seek input from the public regarding the district’s search for a new superintendent Grenita Lathan was named interim superintendent after Richard Carranza‘s departure in 2018. Last October, the district named former HISD superintendent Abe Saavedra back to the position only for Saavedra to remove his name and the position go back to Lathan.

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3 thoughts on “NAACP Houston Branch Announces Community Town Hall Meeting Regarding HISD Superintendent Search

  1. MEXICANS???Yeah,I know Houston is 55% Mexican,but are you folk related to Trump,Michael “The Savage” Weiner and other bigots.? I guess all you’re worried about is that black Houston children donate to the right crooked churches,learn to rap and play basketball !!!!
    (Besides,I don’t believe Gregg Abbott is Mexican !!!!! )

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  3. AS LARGE AS TEXAS IS, WHY IS THE GOV. FOCUSED ON HOUSTON ISD? Because Black People are in charge!! Those Mexicans on the HISD Board want to be in charge REFUSE to work in harmony with the Black Superintendent, thus have complained to the Gov. of Texas.

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