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Bennett College is in danger of losing their accreditation or going through a two year process of a lawsuit. To keep their accreditation and avoid a lawsuit they need to raise $5 million by February 1.

Bennett’s story and situation were brought to the attention of the CEO of Papa John’s, Steve Ritchie and he decided to have the Papa John’s foundation donate $500,000.

Ritchie says coming to that decision was easy because since the beginning Papa John’s has been dedicated to Education. According to Ritchie the company is “looking to build bigger, stronger” relationships with HBCUs. And in this situation “timing was everything.” So he thought, “what a great opportunity to do the right thing.”

President of Bennett, Dr. Phyllis Worthy Dawkins says with Papa John’s generous donation they’re at 2.2 million of their $5 million goal.

You can help by going to and donating or, you can donate “the old fashion way” and send a check.