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The war between a former Mr. and Mrs. celebrity couple (Nas and Kelis) has been taken to another level all because Kelis has decided she wants to be a farmer in Columbia (yes, the South American country).

That revelation would be newsworthy itself, but what’s really getting our attention is the fact that she’s taken her son with her and her ex, Nas as is not at all happy about the situation. He says her actions are a violation of their custody agreement.

Here’s more via TMZ:

Nas is pissed off about a bunch of child custody issues — the biggest being Kelis’ plans to hightail to Cartagena. According to docs, obtained by TMZ, Kelis took 9-year-old Knight to Colombia last month. Nas says he was supposed to get their son on New Year’s Eve … but Kelis texted him to say the plan had changed. He says she didn’t come back to the states until Jan. 14.

Further, he says Kelis has told him she and her new husband have a farm in Colombia and she intends to stay there. Nas says she’s already withdrawn Knight from his private school in L.A. … and he says Kelis is currently homeschooling the kid in Colombia.

Nas says the whole South America plan is a huge violation of their custody agreement, because she didn’t provide the required notice about the travel.

As we’ve been reporting for the past year or so, even before she relocated to Comumbia, Kelis has been a nightmare when it comes to co-parenting, according to Nas. For instance, he says he didn’t get Knight on Father’s Day last year, and ditto for Halloween and Thanksgiving … which Knight is supposed to spend with Dad on even-numbered years.

The bottom line is that the Queensbridge rapper wants the judge to find Kelis in contempt for her multiple violations –he’s counting up to 17, according to the – of their agreement.



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