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Brent Jones continues to put out amazing music for his fans. His new single “Open Your Mouth And Say Something,” is described by Jones as a reminder for people to praise God in the midst of whatever is going on.

The Stellar Award winner also believes that a lot of people open their mouth, but aren’t saying anything.

Jones also shared what it was like putting out this song and creating his new album. He wants to get back to a time where there were sopranos, altos and tenors that created great harmony.

During a workshop in Texas he met a choir and told them that they would be the background to his new album. It was a magical moment filled with tears of joy.

Jones also spoke about the importance of a choir community that is like a family where you create a special bond. He mentioned that it’s very much like therapy, a place where you can sing the praises of God, talk about the ups and downs of life and more.

With this new album Jones had the opportunity to work with actor as well as singer/rapper, Childish Gambino. Jones described him as a creative genius that helped with some of the arrangements. He believes that Gambino has a beautiful spirit and looks forward to working with him again.


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