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Five-year-old Ibn Polk does not want to ride the school bus again after being left alone for seven hours Wednesday.

ABC 7 reports, Ibn fell asleep during the bus ride to his Elementary in Delaware, and when the driver dropped off his classmates Ibn did not get off of the bus.

Security footage shows that the driver ignored warnings from other students that he was still on board.

“When she didn’t do that, that made it seem like she didn’t really care,” father Abdul Polk said.

Still asleep, Ibn made it all of the way to the school bus yard. The bus driver got out, but Ibn still remained on the bus.

When he woke up he said he cried for a bit.

“I was scared,” said Ibn.

According to ABC 7, the child wasn’t spotted until hours later when the driver, returning for her afternoon pickups, heard him cough.

Ibn’s parents weren’t notified of his absence from class because attendance at his school wasn’t taken until after the daily automatic call goes out to parents with absent children.

“I didn’t really know what was going on because I know I dropped my baby off at the bus stop and he was on the bus,” said mother Ivana Dennis.

“We recognize that procedures in place were not followed and this was a breakdown. A failure,” said Pati Nash of the Red Clay School District.

The driver reportedly had 20-years’ experience and was employed by Sutton Bus Company, but will now no longer drive for the school district.

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