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SEBRING, Fla. (AP) — Authorities say five people have been killed in a shooting at a Florida bank.

Sebring police Chief Karl Hoglund said during a news conference that Zephen Xaver was arrested Wednesday afternoon at a SunTrust Bank branch.

Hoglund says a man contacted dispatch and reported that he had fired shots inside the bank. Police say initial negotiations to get the barricaded man to leave the bank were unsuccessful. The Highlands County Sheriff’s Office SWAT team entered the bank to continue the negotiations, and the man eventually surrendered.

Police didn’t say what charges Xaver would face or indicate a motive.

The victims were not immediately identified.


7 thoughts on “Police: 5 Fatally Shot Inside Florida Bank, Suspect Arrested

  1. Ted Gravely on said:

    Stand your ground? Where are my white racist Floridians? White man walks into a bank, murders five people and, walks out without a scratch. Black man protects his girlfriend from an angry racists over a parking spot and is murdered for pushing him. He feared the black man. However, the white “gentleman” walks in and he’s the only one firing shots. I pray all the victims look like him. Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord.

    • “I pray all the victims look like him?” You mean the innocent victims that had absolutely nothing to do with this lunatic’s actions? Why? What did they do to deserve to be slaughtered like animals? Do you also believe that innocent black people who are killed by other blacks deserve what they get, just because they happen to share skin color with someone who decided it was their time to die? Think about the next time your mother is standing in line at a grocery store and a monster who shares her skin color comes in and sprays the joint with bullets. Would it be a fair statement to say that you hope one of the victims is your mother because she “looks like him?” Ignorant and embarrassing statement.

  2. Phoenix Rising on said:

    Angry white man strikes again. The worst human beings on the planet. Too weak to deal with reality, in addition to being a thief. Just like their weak ass orange leader.

  3. Willie on said:

    POLICE STRATEGY WAS BAD, VERY BAD CALL. They should have let the bank robber get away with the $$$$$ by placing a tracer in the money bag. Or let him get away with the $$$$$$, though a helicopter would be following him as he thinks he is getting away.

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