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If you’re a fan of Future, the rapper, you’re probably aware that he’s just released his 7th studio album. The project is called “The WIZRD” and to promote it, he sat down with longtime bud, Big Bank Black on Beats 1 for a candid chat.

Of course he spoke about “The WIZRD,” but what’s making newes out he interview is is what he said on things that have nothing to do with his music. Duse had a lot on his mind concerning his ex, Ciara and her husband, NFL QB Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks.


First, a bit of background. As noted by Complex, it’s no secret that Future and Ciara have had a tumultuous relationship over the past several years. The ex-couple have taken shots at each other on social media, in the press, and even in court, as they attempted to resolve a custody battle over their 4-year-old son.

OK, with the fore going in mind, note that in the interview with Big Bank Black, Future said Ciara introduced his son to Wilson before she allowed Wilson and Future to meet. That led to being asked his thoughts about Ciara’s husband. The rapper’s response was that Wilson was being controlled by Ciara:

“He do exactly what she tell him to do.”

Future said Wilson should be a “man” and forbid Ciara from even mentioning his (Future’s) name in public.

“He not being a man in that position,” he said. “He not tellin’ her, ‘Chill out with that on the internet. Don’t even talk to him. I’m your husband! You better not even bring Future’s name up!’ If that was me, she couldn’t even bring his name up. She know that. She couldn’t even bring her exes’ names up. I don’t [care] what they gave you. […] Don’t give that sh*t no energy.”

Russell and Ciara’s response seemingly came via social media.


Future wasn’t through. There’s another woman he also has a problem with. That would be the currently ailing Wendy Williams who’s gone in on him for having multiple baby mamas.

“Man, the Wendy Williams situation, the only thing I was mad about her, putting my kid’s mother up that don’t want to be in the limelight,” he said. “[…] They’re not entertainers. Only time people know them is from me. If you see them responding, it’s because they want to respond. You can put her up. You can put them up. But don’t put the ones who ain’t responding. It’s two girls you’re putting on that list that don’t even never do social media.”