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(Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office)

A Georgia teenager spent his 17th birthday being booked on charges of armed robbery and false imprisonment in connection to two robberies that took place last year.

Maximus Buckley was arrested on Jan. 2, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. 

He’s reportedly accused of pointing a gun at employees of a Taco Bell on May 8, 2018, while taking an undetermined amount of money from the safe and cash register, the warrants said.

Buckley remains in the Rockdale County Jail without bond, according to the AJC.

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14 thoughts on “Teen Arrested On 17th Birthday, Accused Of Armed Robbery At Taco Bell

  1. Joan Lloyd on said:

    The system failed this kid. Home, school, and etc. What a shame. One more future father and possible husband. AN AMERICAN CITIZEN! Where is the American dream for this kid? PARENTS YOU NEED TO TAKE BACK YOUR KIDS FROM THIS SYSTEM……..YOU CANNOT RAISE THEM IN FEAR. Run your own home in love. TAKE CHARGE!!!! OR THEY WILL. Was he stealing a long time ago? The patted him on the wrist and called it juvenile detention……now what? Chi Ching!!!!!!

  2. Joan Lloyd on said:

    I think it is time to face the raw facts. We have strayed from our once great black culture. Now we have strayed and want to even up with everyone else, some much less great in how they choose to live. These other folk are doing everything they can to help us on our path to hell. Values, truth and honesty is not favored in our space as it used to. We hid our sins, and cover the sins of our kids so the good neighbor don’t even know how to help if they could. Our boys do not have enough decent black men or women who are for real. Our hypocrisy in the church and at home has caught up with us and our kids. Lies and deceit with open promiscuity are sure killers or our longevity. as a people. BLACK IS GREAT AND THEY ARE DOING EVERYTHING TO MAKE SURE OUR KIDS DO NOT SURVIVE INTO ADULTHOOD. THE SLAVE PLANTATION NOW HAS WALLS. Parent, WATCH WHO TEACH YOUR KIDS……AND THOSE GREAT TEACHERS THAT YOU TRUST, SUPPORT SUPPORT SUPPORT. bRING BACK THE VILLAGE……WE NEED YOU!!!!!!

  3. Ted Gravely on said:

    Indoctrination of our kids about their values must start early. Someone loved this young man enough that they hung a strong name on him. They watched a movie and said, “I want my son to be a Roman Soldier, Gladiator or Saint.” They didn’t anticipate the villain role. Names are important, but what’s inside the child is equally essential. We have to start guiding our children to those things that will be fruitful. Instead of robbing Taco Bell, this young man should have went inside and requested a job application. Instead if I believe blue racist, he’s setting himself up to be a felon. We must have better conversations with our kids. He’s young……if the real Freeway Rick Ross can turn his life around. This young man can as well.

  4. Mac Daddy on said:

    Somebody needs to commission a study that measures the long term affect of wearing weave on black women, psychologically and physically. I postulate that the chemicals and adhesives are broken down by the heat of the scalp and entering the bloodstream of these Hair Hats. NAACP or Shaun Talcum X King, step up and do something productive for our Peeps

  5. Debbie, I have to disagree with your comment. Growing up, my mother used to always say to us, “be careful how you brag on your children because you never know what that will grow up to do.” His parents may have raised him in what we consider the “right way,” however, he made a personal choice to wander afar from what he knew and tried to take the easy way to money. This current generation have an attitude of entitlement….that whatever they want, they should have and if it’s not given to them, then, heck, they will take it. He made a conscious choice…his parents were not there with him during the robbery. This, he has to take ownership of.

      • Maybe, maybe not. Once kids get out into the world they change and become something else sometimes. With the current times, I for one am not surprised by some of the bad behaviors. Hell, they learned it from the best, White Folks. I do not think anyone other culture is as cruel an devious as them.

      • Dwight Power on said:

        @The Duck. So this brotha learned how to rob a taco bell from whites?????? Your ignorance is only surpassed by your racism. But, typical coming from a drug dealing racist. 13% commit 72% of U.S. crime, all learned from whites????? Bullsh1t. I didn’t know whites had so much influence on nogs, thought you dispised us, oh well. Happy Fathets Day, if you can find him. 311

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