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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) — Illinois officials say a concert in Springfield that was to be hosted by R. Kelly cannot take place in the wake of new sexual misconduct allegations against the R&B star.

Illinois Department of Agriculture spokeswoman Denise Albert told the Chicago Tribune that the application for the Spring Break Jam in April was denied Thursday because of security concerns following protests outside Kelly’s Chicago studio this week.

Kelly has been under fire since the recent airing of a Lifetime documentary “Surviving R. Kelly .” He has denied all allegations of sexual misconduct involving women and underage girls.

A tip that Kelly was holding two women against their will prompted Chicago police to visit his residence Friday in Chicago’s Trump Tower. Officers interviewed Kelly and the women but found no evidence of wrongdoing.


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6 thoughts on “Illinois Blocks Permit For R. Kelly Hosted Show

  1. Mac Daddy on said:

    Somebody needs to commission a study that measures the long term affect of wearing weave on black women, psychologically and physically. I postulate that the chemicals and adhesives are broken down by the heat of the scalp and entering the bloodstream of these Hair Hats. NAACP or Shaun Talcum X King, step up and do something productive for our Peeps

  2. Kimberly Sudberry on said:

    I’m sure with Chicago PD having received money from R. Kelly,they have felt the need to pull his coat tail about the “visit.” The word “visit” makes it seem as if Chicago PD went there to have tea, a cocktail or “cock’ and “tail. IJS….

  3. Ebonypride on said:

    WAKE UP! Black people wake up. Wake up to the take down of Black families, wake up to the take down, of our communities, wake up to the take down of our black leaders, wake. Up to the take down of our Black music, wake up to the take down of our Black celebrities.
    The ME TOO movement has become a witch hunt movement against men. Now Black people are once again eating the straps that White people give us. We are hanging our own to prove we can sit at the supper table with them. Lifetime has no Black interest and their TV shows prove that. I will not watch it anymore. These women got what they wanted, they were grown. As for the children god bless them, and their parents. Women sit down and enjoy the fruits of your labor, or give them back, oops you cannot. You spent it all, or got the job you wanted.

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