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(Candler County Sheriff’s Office)

A Georgia funeral home owner was arrested by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation after three sets of human remains were found in a shed behind his business.

Percy Hodges, 70, faces three charges of throwing away or abandonment of dead bodies, which is a felony, reports AJC. Hodges was transferred into the custody of the Candler County Sheriff’s Office, where he bonded out for $20,000, Capt. Justin Wells told the AJC.

On Dec. 28, two metal containers and one casket were reportedly found in the shed behind Hodges Funeral Home by a crew hired to tear down the shed.

The crew took them to a recycling plant to sell, but when they were being offloaded, one of the containers opened, revealing a skull and rib bones. The GBI determined three sets of remains were inside the containers and casket.

Hodges allegedly told the GBI he put the bodies in the shed in the late 1980s or early 1990s. The GBI believes the bodies were being stored until they had been claimed or until arrangements had been made by family members.

Other information given to the GBI identified the three as Theresa McClarin, Leroy Dixon and Mamie Fredricks. Anyone with information about them is asked to contact the GBI’s Statesboro office at 912-871-1121.

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9 thoughts on “Funeral Home Owner Faces Felonies After Decades-Old Human Remains Found In Shed

  1. charles on said:

    To ALL my BAW FOLLOWERS the statment was not one of RACIAL content at all.I was PROCLAIMING a FACT.I call a SPADE A SPADE.You knoW as the saying goes the TRUUTH hurts.I protect my people when it is APPROPRIATE to so, but not in this case The Bro was TOTALY IRRESPONSIBLE. Let them try this SHIGGITY on you( Lady G) and hear your RESPOnse??????? You would be ready to SUE in a heartbeat!!!!!!!! By the way JESUS LOVES ME does he LOVE YOU??????? POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. John KENNEDY on said:

    I’ll give 100 to 1 odd that the so called racist remarks were made by a black man. But either way there were wrong Ill timed ,and ignorant. It is a shame that any race feels its appropriate to make such remarks in a open forum. Just saying.

    • Sherrie on said:

      Every race has irresponsible people this comment is wreckless and irresponsible also racist.But I understand it’s easy to be a coward and make you comments online where your identity can be hidden.I don’t condone what was done but I don’t condone your racist remarks either this is a big part of the problem racist people like you.Get it together you should be ashamed of yourself!!!

    • Lady G on said:

      Charles, I suggest you find a site where your racist, divisive views are embraced, say The Rainbow Coalition. We strive for productive, thoughtful engagement here. Good luck

  3. Ted Gravely on said:

    I don’t understand how you can be so reckless and lazy. Damn, put them in the same box and a unmarked plot at a gravesite. When folks get lazy, they go all the way. I would hate to walk around that business and house. Rats, critters, roaches and dead bodies. Ridiculous.

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