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Chicago restaurant manager, has been placed on suspension after he  allegedly threw a chair at a Black teen who had walked into his restaurant last week.

“I’ll kick your a–,” the restaurant’s manager, Matthew Fezzey reportedly yelled toward 18-year-old John “Kyle” Johnson. “This is my place of business.”

Moments later, Fezzey swung a chair at him, Johnson said, hitting his arm so hard that the teen reportedly suffered injuries. That’s when Johnson called the police and began filming the encounter.

“I was super shocked, I was scared, thinking: ‘Is this is really happening right now?’ Johnson told The Washington Post. “I looked into his eyes, and they were super furious.”

In the recorded conversation right after the incident, Fezzey can be heard repeatedly acknowledging he was “in the wrong” and says his reaction was his “first instinct” after previous encounters with Black men at the restaurant.

“Two days ago, and I’m not trying to be racist, two Black guys robbed two people right here,” he said.

“But sir, you threw a chair at me,” Johnson says. “I’m not those guys.”

“Listen, three days ago, before that, I had two more black guys. I actually fought them in here,” Fezzey replied. “They tried threatening one of my employees, and I had to fight them … when you guys came in here, I just got really … defensive, really defensive, because I had to fight them off all the time. These security guards over here don’t do a … thing.”

The video was posted to Facebook last week and has been viewed over 20,000 times. The Washington Post reports, Chicago Police said in an email that Fezzey claimed Johnson clenched his fists, and behaved in a way that made him “believe he was going to receive battery.”

Johnson denies those allegations.

In a statement posted to social media on Friday, the restaurant apologized and said that as a minority-owned establishment, it does not “tolerate discrimination or racism of any kind.”

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Our statement on the recent incident.

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Fezzey has been suspended for the duration of the police investigation, the statement said.

According to the Washington Post, a restaurant spokesperson said any other incidents at the location mentioned in the video were not reported.

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15 thoughts on “Restaurant Manager Suspended After Throwing A Chair At Black Teen

  1. Ramona Johnson on said:

    Suspended this idiot should be fired, charged and convicted for an assault!!!! If the teen had thrown a chair at the manager he would have been arrested

  2. Well where did the police go I mean this man was assaulted assaulted and battered. Is there nothing about the managers arrest?

  3. Mrknowitall on said:

    Dear black people: this is what happens when you people make trouble in people’s place of business. Go on YouTube & you will see racist black people destroying establishments & attacking employees. Stay Sleep.

  4. Hire a lawyer and sue the pants off the manager and the restaurant. He should’ve been fired for physically fighting with people. He could’ve simply called the cops .

  5. charles on said:

    Repeat,repeat the TWO ABORTED TWINS are at again.SCREWEN up all the FACTS and making it there own.When are you two DUMBASSES goin to grow up.OOPs I forgot ABORTED CHILDREN don”t grow there MINDS JUST SHRINK UP and they become NONEXISTANT.So it is JUST A MATTER OF TIME and these TWO will SOON BE GONE.!!!!! Thank GOD wish it were SOONER THAN LATER!!!!!!! POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!

  6. That slick fast talking act won’t save his ass. Layer up young man. That was plain assault. Make it hard for him to even look at a chair, from now on

  7. better check and make sure it’s truly a black man and not one of those “blue-eyed white skined blacks” that shoot little kids riding in cars

  8. Ted Gravely on said:

    He throws a chair and is suspended. Kid at Taco Bell screws up by not taking an order from a deaf couple and they are fired. This guy should be fired. All black people look alike and act the same so when he “thought” there would be a fight, he threw a chair at the young man. Blue racist will try to find every way possible not to charge that bigot. He’s lucky those young men were restrained and non confrontational.

  9. OMG–it’s a good thing for the young man that it was ONLY a chair that the RACIST TURD threw at him.

    white folks need to stop stereotyping PEOPLE OF COLOR.
    Mr. Manager, all MEN OF COLOR are not THUGS.
    Because you had a few bad encounters with some African American men DOES NOT
    give YOU the RIGHT to come at ALL of them.

    I hope the young man recovers both physically and emotionally from this encounter.

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