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The little guy with the big jokes, Kevin Hart has thought about and now, once again, has decided against hosting the Oscars. More on that shortly. But en route to that decision, Hart had to deal with heat from newscaster Don Lemon.

Friday night on his “CNN Tonight” broadcast, Lemon shared his thoughts on the hubbub surrounding Kevin Hart and the Oscars.

“Kevin, if anything this is the time to hear other people out, to hear why they might have been offended, the openly gay anchor said. “I don’t see any meaningful outreach to the community…. and now you want the conversation to end.” Lemon added that, for many people, the apologies Hart has given have fallen flat. “To many they seem insincere, and that he has somehow turned himself into a victim instead of acknowledging the real victims of violent and sometimes deadly homophobia.”

On Saturday, Hart posted his response to Lemon’s segment about him on Instagram.

“When did we get to the point where we forgot that we all learn, then we all have the ability to grow and with that growth comes a wealth of knowledge,” Hart wrote. “You can’t change without a understanding of what GROWTH means. #Message #LiveLoveLaugh #HappySaturday”

Hart also wrote: “Basketball players aren’t great until they LEARN how to play the game correctly. Teachers are great teachers when they LEARN how to get thru to kids correctly.” He ended the text with a pointed remark: “A news anchor or a journalist does not start at the top…they have to LEARN and develop to be great at their job.”

It’s also been pointed out that besides Lemon, several prominent journalists, including Buzzfeed News‘ David Mack, have criticized Hart’s response to the controversy over his past homophobic remarks as well as his Ellen appearance.

Now as far as Hart not hosting the Oscars, as of this posting, that’s the way it’s looking. Yes, we thought that was already the position that he’d taken just two days after accepting the (thankless) job. But, due to the efforts of (former Oscar host) Ellen DeGeneres, who lobbied the Academy to reconsider Hart, it he will not reemerge as host of the 91st Academy Awards, according to Deadline. The situation could certainly change, but  a “no” looks to be his final answer.

Deadline says Hart felt his hosting would become a distraction, a continuing controversial narrative that would take the spotlight off the people and movies being honored. He also grew concerned at the limited amount of time he would have had to prepare.

Meanwhile, the Academy appears to be planning an Oscarcast devoid of a host and will  instead will enlist some of the biggest A and B-listers to present awards.

We Heart Kevin Hart!
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41 thoughts on “Kevin Hart Responds To Don Lemon Criticisms And Decides To Not Host Oscars

  1. Some of you make me sick. Some of you have sex before marriage. Having babies before marriage. Sisters having abortions. You drink, you smoke, you do drugs, you smoke weed, you go watch porn, some of weak preach have hookups with with girls and men. You go to the CaSINos – A sin. You talk about people behind their backs, cheat on your taxes. I was at a black church just after the Pluse Night Club killing in Orlando, Florida a few years ago. This crazy black preacher honored Omar Matten the killer of 49 innocent souls whom some were not even gay. I got up ran out of that black church. This is the hate that Don Lemon was trying to convey to Kevin Hart to stop conveying to America and the black community especially before it get worst. I see it my family and work to stop it.

  2. When are people going to realize that no matter who you are, everyone is not going to like or agree with everything you say or do. Say what you mean, mean what you say and keep it moving. Stop with all the groveling and apologizing already. I would hate to live in a world where everyone thought, did, believed and liked all the same things. To have to say and do things that you don’t believe in because of fear that you won’t be able to sell tickets has got to be a miserable way to live.

  3. In the black community corrupt politicians, criminals, violent gangs, drug dealers, and yes murders have more respect that black gays. This is the main point Don is trying to explain to Kevin Hart and to Black America.

  4. jacqueline casmon on said:

    Every person has done something in their lives where they are remorseful..he sincerely apologized. Just because its not up to your standard, why should he keep apologizing? If this is the case, every human being will never be forgiven of something in their past. I agree with Kevin, I will not keep apologizing for something that I have already have asked for forgiven. I am so sick of you and others who wants people to gravel and beg and plead for ever and ever…If you believe in GOD, HE IS the only one that knows Kevin’s heart. Kevin isn’t the only comedian who have made jokes…ugh he is a comedian.if it offends you, then don’t go to his show…for Ellen to allow him to speak is showing she has no problem…but i am sure someone will twists everything that is said. Your lifestyle is just that yours..I have no problem because I am not GOD.

  5. Sometimes Don Lemon can be a bit over the top with stuff Kevin Hart apologized it wasn’t enough for him too bad!! If you going to be gay than be gay but everybody does not hath to share your view, I am tired of the control the gay community is trying to have over the world. When you make the choice to announce to the world you are gay,you make the choice to take what comes along with that. In the end God will have the final say on this matter. Don Lemon needs to get a life. Nobody going keep apologizing for having an opinion.

  6. I’m not saying Don isn’t concerned about Kevin’s past comments but I think Don is dragging this whole situation out to long. Actually I think Don is tired of talking about Trump 24/7 (and believe me people are tired of hearing about Trump 24/7) and needed a new talking point, and Kevin fit that bill. Kevin is smart in not doing the Oscars because it would be a big distraction, and add to dragging this convo on, and on. Don you need to find something else to talk about besides Trump, and Kevin

  7. hoodtechie on said:

    marriage is between a man woman,anything else is from freaky to immoral in the eyes of god.point blank,end of discussion

    • why do you believe this? is it your position that humans did not get “married” until christianity came along? king Solomon had wives and over 300 whores. do you believe his marriage was properly moral in the eyes of your god?

      • jonin: You are wasting your time if you are waiting on Bible thumbing people to see the hypocrisy and many many many contradictions regarding the god theory, and that’s all it is is a theory

    • hood: God??!! The reason it should be the end of convo is because you can’t prove there is a god, and intelligent, mature adults don’t believe in fairy tales. If you want to believe the fairy tale that’s on you……but don’t expect every one else to go for the okey doke

  8. I have to disagree with you on this one Don Lemon. You are the one who is making Kevin Hart a victim. He has to learn and accept like anyone else. It does not happen overnight. I am empathetic with your pain but you are taking this away from being a serious issue to being “Don Lemon ‘a pity party”. Teach him and help him grow but dont try to break him down

  9. Kitty Simmons on said:

    Please move on…people learn as they grow!!!. I certainly act and think differently than I did 10 years ago. There are a lot more issues going on that need to be addressed than who is going to host or not going to host the Oscars and what KH said 10 years ago.

  10. Joyce A-M on said:

    No person can decide my values. The homosexual community, the illegal immigrants community, the human trafficking community, the liars, the adulterers, etc and their proponents can never decide my values. Even Judge Mathis tries to tell audiences what to value. Because he embraces stupidity or perversion he thinks everyone else should. This sounds like Lemmon. Hart needs to stop addressing the issue and not allow Lemmon to control his mind and time. By the way only Jesus Christ decides my values.

    • Spot on, Joyce! I’m so sick of Don Lemon as he wants everyone to conform to his beliefs. The bible clearly speaks against homosexualty; hence, Sodom and Gomorrah (sp??). Regarding judge mathis, he is a hypocrite!! One minute he’s religious and the next minute he’s praising homosexuality, and he scorns people if they refer to a male as a “he” if he had a transgender reassignment. I don’t care how many surgeries a person has, he or she cannot change their chromosomes. With that being said, I refer to a male as a “he” and a female as a “she”. I no longer watch mathis because he’s a hypocrite!!

      • Shebe: And the bible has lots of hypocrisies, and contradictions. Most bible thumpers tend to ignore that fact. But hey…..I’m not judging. I changed my mind…..I’m definitely judging.

  11. Yolanda on said:

    He’s a comedian and it’s a part of his act. People are overly sensitive with their sexuality and who they are. This post is unnecessary for the media. Why does Kevin Hart need to apologize, apologize for being funny or for you taking it personal and getting offended. Better yet let’s do away with all of the comedians and their jokes because somewhere down the line people are going to be offended. It’s like talking about a person that’s too dark OMG you black as the street, now I’m offended because I’m dark skinned. No im not, it’s funny, I’m going to laugh and move on. People make fun about slavery all day long, protest against that, not about someone making jokes and the gays. You guys abuse the power and want everyone else to agree with yall and we don’t have to. I love the joke it was funny and I wouldn’t stop telling gay jokes if I was Kevin or any other comedian. People are soooooo stuck on themselves, get over it with your sensitive opinion as to why his apology wasn’t good enough.

  12. My thing is this just because society tells you to accept something do you have to? My thing is if someone is against homosexuality are they wrong or right who’s to judge anyone views or thoughts the LGBT community has a right to be anyway they want be respected, loved , accepted why is it unacceptable for anyone to make a joke or just not choose to engage with a homosexual?? Are their rights more important and if so why ….see this is just a minut part of a Enormous picture 🤔🤔🤔

  13. Carolyn Boose on said:

    The sad thing about this is those who did not like what Kevin Hart said 10 years ago, and that had not apologize in the way they wanted. May one day find themselves in the same light as Kevin Hart, maybe they had issues with race etc.

  14. Vel A Watkins on said:

    10 Years ago society found it okay to laugh at KH jokes, the man has apologized and folks should move on. Personally I would not keep apologizing; you learn from past mistakes and better oneself. DL I like listening to you but I think you were wrong to say KH still needs to have this conversation. ENOUGH OF THIS, folks are going to think and say what the HELL they want, this is America!

  15. Doris Cochran on said:

    Enough Already about KH he has apologized and we all should move on he is not the same person he was 10 years ago we have so many other issues that need to be addressed I don’t feel he should host the Oscars. I love you Kevin Hart you r mad funny.

  16. Mary Ann on said:

    Sorry Don 🍋 but your statistics on homeless kids of any kind is not the highest amongst African Americans. Not even the run aways. The statistics of young teens prostitutes of whites is much higher than any other race. Homosexuality has always been a “don’t ash don’t tell” in both community.

  17. Enough already. His comments are old news. He has apologized several times. He’s not hosting the Oscars. He owes no one anything except his best work in the future.

  18. atlnative on said:

    I think Don Lemon had something else to say and not just to Kevin. And he was speaking of the how the African American community deals with homosexuality. Let’s be honest, ‘DL’ didn’t just appear in our community and it’s something we really don’t want to discuss. And I think the time is now to do so.

  19. Lashon Smith on said:

    My promblem with LGBT on this matter is these comments were made years ago …..why now….why ask Kevin for an apology now….I mean no one needed anything from him until the Oscars….to me that’s trying to get a person to do someone’s bidding

    • Val Dee on said:

      I totally agree. I am fed up with the Lgbt group. I am entitled to my own beliefs. As long as I show you love and kindness you should shut up. I will not be attending your parades. I will not watch your shows. I will not embrace your public shows of affection. It is my choice. Stop bullying us into accceptance. I have gay friends as I am in music. I love them and I treat them well. They don’t try to force me into liking their lifestyle. Come on Don you were wrong in your commentary.

  20. Stop. Who decides if the apology was sincere or not. They are words. The man has said he will no longer do those kind of jokes any more. There are so many things going on in this world from unforgiveness that I am sick of it. You pissed off at the audience also for laughing at the jokes. He is a comedian. The man didn’t incite a race riot or say lets go beat up people because of their sexuality. If you are going after Kevin Hart go after every comedian some of them are still dong jokes to date. I agree he should step down the focus is on him now not the people who are winning the Oscars. Unforgiveness is deadly. You say he didn’t apologize then will he has apologized since. What are some things you need to apologize for that you haven’t?

  21. Phoenix Rising on said:

    Keven should host the Oscars! People need to get a grip. You can’t please every mfer on this planet. Some people need to put on their big boy/girl panties and move on.

    • I read that a peach last week murdered a trans black person in Detroit. Just ask all the homeless black gay youth 46 percent and 62 % Trans that are homeless after being kicked out. Then U will see I will worth to keep it alone. And Hart can donate millions to help provide homes for them. Peace out

    • I read that a peach last week murdered a trans black person in Detroit just for walking past is Church. Just ask all the homeless black gay youth 46 percent and 62 % Trans that are homeless after being kicked out their homes. Then U will see I will worth to keep subject alive for now. Maybe Hart can donate some of his millions to help provide help provide homes for the homeless black gay youth if his Hart is pure. Peace out

  22. D.L. Hughley was right. Many people in the LGBT community are acting like bullies. They are the only ones who get to decide if an apology is sincere or not. No matter how many times Kevin explains that he is not the person he was 10 years ago; it’s not going to be enough. The goal post will keep being moved by the arbiters of all that is just and fair. He did the right thing. Take your Oscars and put them in the appropriate place.

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