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Katherine Jackson, the matriarch of the famed Jackson family, is reportedly gravely ill, with family members already fighting over her share of the late Michael Jackson’s estate (according to Stacy M. Brown – National Newspaper Publishers Association/NNPA) .

Outlets like Radar Online and even the Atlanta Black Star have reported that Jackson, 88, is facing brain surgery.

Previously, the outlets reported that Jackson has had several strokes and other ailments that have left her wheelchair-bound and dependent upon caretakers.

The latest reports also suggest that several of Jackson’s children have engaged in a fierce battle to control their mother’s share of the late King of Pop’s vast estate – valued at more than $1 billion.

“Now everybody in the family is jockeying for position!” a source told the National Enquirer. Although a rep denied it, two family insiders claimed the great-grandmother has suffered from excruciating headaches, leading to a hospital visit in late summer, the tabloid reported.

“Katherine is in dire condition,” another source told “Now everybody in the family is jockeying for position.”

“Her doctor thought she had a stroke,” another unnamed source – described as an insider – told Radar. According to another source, Katherine remained hospitalized for about a week.

“More tests were conducted to see if her condition might be something even more serious – like a brain tumor,” the source said.

The family insider said doctors discovered a golf ball-sized growth on Katherine’s brain and declared she must undergo surgery as soon as possible.

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15 thoughts on “Katherine Jackson Said To Be Gravely Ill [Report]

  1. Radaronline is a lying tabloid site that made its business to lie on MJ to make money and when MJ died, their hits went down and now they go after the family to try to make money (3T even sued them). If something is wrong with Ms. katherine, I will wait on a reliable source to report about it.

  2. Is there no empathy left in the world for this family. You tabloids lied about Michael Jackson for most of his life. You called him names and his name was drug through the mud. Has anyone ever stopped to think that maybe it would be better to send well wishes and prayers for Mrs. Jackson instead of spreading more ugly gossip. People are human…come on!

  3. Danny crest on said:

    And this is to the media and to America: since the dam 80s you all have been fuckin’ with this family (the Jacksons) leve them alone and let them have some peace for once in their lives you fuckin paparazzi ass Trashy ass Fuckers. That boy Michael Jackson you talked about him like a dog, now you all are talking about Mrs.Jackson, get a fuckin life and STOP SPREADING LIES OVER THIS DAM SITE. We all kno you guys are fake. FAKE ASS NEWS FUCKERS

  4. My thoughts and prayers are with Mrs. Jackson and her family and may God continue to bless them. To the media, you all have been printing this same story since last year. You’ve simply copied and pasted. Please give Mrs. Jackson alone and give her respect and privacy, especially when you write about her children fighting over money.

  5. Loretta Dunning on said:

    Wish well Ms Jackson I don’t understand the fight over money they should be fighting for you the kids or sick to put the this family business in the media is you worked about you mom or the money God bless because I Know one child would be right by your side and would not let who the family is get in the way standing by his mom keep your head Michael is always with you.

  6. My thoughts and prayers to Mrs. Katherine Jackson. I just don’t understand why this needs to be publicized about this family all the time leave the woman alone! IMichael Jackson was a great entertainer, a great father, a great person, and people just need to leave him alone and let him rest in peace let his mother enjoy the rest of her life. This family has been through so much just leave them alone

  7. Katy Holiday on said:

    In Jesus Name save and heal Mrs Jackson , place born again believers around her to lead her to Jesus and can pray with her, help her to yield to The Lords ways, help her and guide her and heal her in Jesus Name!

  8. She will not survive that surgery. She is too old and her health is already compromised. Let what time she has left be peaceful, not hooked up to a machine.

  9. She’s probably ready to leave that family. I don’t agree they should operate on a 88 yo. That’s insane. Leave that woman alone.

    • Mac Daddy on said:

      Are you really surprised? We, as a people are taught our whole life, by the Democrats, that someone else will take care of us. Why should that be any different in death? #WalkAway

  10. Ted Gravely on said:

    I pray for this beautiful woman, but I know her sunset is probably near. I also hope she established a trust with a trustworthy attorney. If not, this estate could be in probate forever and the stinking courts will drag this out forever making unsavory lawyers rich. Love this strong beautiful black woman.

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