Funk legend Bootsy Collins has been dealing with health issues for quite some time and it has finally forced him to pump the brakes.

Collins announced Wednesday on Facebook that he’s unable to perform live but he’s not packing away his bass guitar for good.

“Time has come for me to tell all our Funkateers that I will not be playing bass in concerts anymore,” the Cincinnati native wrote. “Doc said too much pressure on my inner ear and right hand.”

The iconic bassist, 67, won’t be quitting the game completely, as he plans to coach for up-and-coming musicians and continue to do studio work.

“Yeah, I had to make up my Mind so I did. 2019 Sheriff Ping Ping Ping will continue to Funk from the Studio but Not Live playing Bass on Stage,” his message to fans continued. “I know u got question & I don’t have answers, maybe one day u to will understand. Just remember; That This Year will be the Funkiest Year of them All. Watch for it. Bootsy baby!!!”


Collins has remained a presence in Cincinnati over the years, appearing at last summer’s Cincinnati Music Festival at Paul Brown Stadium and supporting local causes through his foundation. In April, the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and his wife, Patti, were named honorary co-chairs of the Hamilton County Oral Health Coalition, which works to improve and increase access to oral care.

“The fact that I grew up here and the love that I got, the tutoring, it all helped me establish my humbleness, discipline, and the joy of being able to come and go pretty much as you please,” he told Cincinnati Magazine in an interview that appeared in the March 2018 edition. “Cincinnati allowed me to do that.”

Bootsy Collins began his career in the 70s by laying down bass tracks for James Brown. He went on to become a member of Parliament-Funkadelic and eventually a solo artist.

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