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Moneice Slaughter had social media on fire over the holiday when she accused her baby daddy Lil Fizz of dating Apryl Jones. Jones is the mother of Omarion’s two kids.

Omarion and Fizz are B2K bandmates.

When the group recently announced a reunion, Apryl hit up social media and blasted Omarion for being a deadbeat.

Jones hopped on Instagram Live to speak her truth about her break up with the singer and she revealed that he had the nerve to serve her court papers on Mother’s Day.

The former “Love & Hip Hop” star admits that their relationship was rocky even while they filmed the reality television show.

Watch her spill her own tea in the IG embed below.


“You don’t ever know what’s going on behind closed doors,” Jones said. “It was a lot that was happening. I wasn’t completely happy.” She later added, “I’ve been quiet for way too long. The fool won’t even talk to me. How am I supposed to deal with someone like that?”

When it comes to child support, she alleges that Omarion has hidden all of his assets so she’s basically “getting nothing”. Apryl claims he has manipulated his financial documents to appear he isn’t making much money.

She says another major issue is her relationship with Omarion’s mother, and how her ex puts his mom before Apryl and the kids.

“I’ve protected that man for 3 years and I gave up 5 years for that relationship.”

According to Jones, not only does Omarion barely provide financially for the kids, he doesn’t see them often either. She also wants the haters who claim she’s a golddigger to know that she has yet to take him to court for child support.

“He is going to take his kids as he should,” Apryl vowed in her Instagram Live post. “Y’all going to see him more with them.”

“Y’all going to see me working more. I am able to provide for my children, but because he is not helping me, I don’t have a sitter, a nanny or any help. His family doesn’t help me. It’s difficult.”

Meanwhile, “LAHH: Hollywood” star Moniece Slaughter hopped on Instagram to share a picture of her holding the hand of a mystery man. Fans began questioning if the male in the photo was Fizz’s and her response sparked even more controversy. She claimed the male couldn’t be Fizz because he (and her son) was in Chicago with Apryl, The YBF reports.

Apparently Apryl and Fizz are dating and Fizz and Omarion aren’t cool.

The two women decided to hop on Instagram Live to hash it out.

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12 thoughts on “Omarian Dragged By Baby Mama On Instagram

  1. Tony Rodriguez on said:

    No tears for April Jones. She’s a sad gold digger who’s plan didn’t work out. April, do all the other future gold diggers a favor and go tell Shawnie O’Neal ( Shaq’s ex- wife) and tell her that the old gold digger rules that she help to create, they don’t seem to be working anymore. That way all these future gold diggers may pause before playing this game. Lmfao!!

    • Tony Rodriguez on said:

      Ms. Jones said she hadn’t taken him to court. But, she said he hid his assets so he appears to be broke. How would you no that unless you took him to court where he would have to disclose his assets? So she lied.

      Keep talking Ms. Jones. Just keep talking.

  2. Passing Through!! on said:

    Sorry, Apryl you can now joint he ranks of Cassie, Delicia Cordon, and other used up trophy chicks. This is what rappers, ball players and entertainers do with women like you once they’ve sexed out and used you up because outside of your looks, body ,sex and arm candy status they have no real use for you.

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