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When Juwan Royal discovered someone had trashed his Lehigh University dorm room, he had no idea it was his roommate and friend Yukai Yang.

But even more alarming, Royal didn’t know Yang was slowly poisoning him.

According to Morning Call, Yukai Yang, a chemistry major, is accused of attempted murder following a monthslong investigation into a case that District Attorney John Morganelli called “weird and bizarre.”

In April, Royal, who was a senior at Lehigh, reportedly discovered that someone had broken into his room while he was out and written “NIGGER GET OUT OF HERE” on his desk. Yang reported the vandalism.

When police took a statement from Yang, they noticed his handwriting was curiously similar to the racial epithets, Lehigh Valley Live reports. After investigating a little further, authorities eventually charged Yang with ethnic intimidation, institutional vandalism and criminal mischief, all misdemeanors. Yang, who was also a senior chemistry major at Lehigh, was reportedly suspended from the Bethlehem, Pa., school and banned from campus.

Authorities now reportedly believe that in the months leading up, Yang was putting thallium, an odorless and colorless chemical used as rat poison, into Royal’s food and drink, possibly along with other chemicals, Morganelli said at a news conference.

On one occasion in February, Royal reportedly remembered drinking from a water bottle and feeling a burning sensation on his tongue that left it sore for three to four days.

Twice in March, Royal was so sick that campus police were called to his room, Morganelli said. After one of those calls, Royal was taken to a hospital by ambulance after he reported he had been vomiting for more than 45 minutes, Morganelli said.

Tests revealed that Royal’s blood contained thallium at a level that is dangerous for humans, Morganelli said. Royal’s symptoms matched those of thallium poisoning and included extreme pain in his lower extremities, as well as severe burning and numbness, Morganelli said.

Royal and Yang had lived together for years. Even when Royal passed out after feeling dizzy or vomiting for 45 minutes, he didn’t suspect his roommate and friend, Yang. Thankfully, Royal got a lot better after he graduated and began receiving medical treatment.

Morganelli said Royal, who graduated from Lehigh University last spring, needed intensive medical treatment.

“The victim is still experiencing physical symptoms from the poisoning that occurred, so this is something that has had some lasting impact,” Morganelli said.

In an interview with investigators on May 25, Yang admitted he used the internet to purchase chemicals that included thallium, and to mixing them into foods and drinks he stored in a refrigerator he shared with Royal, Morganelli said. But Yang claimed he intended to use the poisons to harm himself “if he did poorly on future exams.” Some suspect Yang might have heard the internet rumor that colleges award students with a 4.0-grade point average for the semester if their roommate dies.

Those statements contrasted with what Yang told police and Royal at the time of his roommate’s sickening, when he said he suspected “someone” was tampering with items in the room, according to authorities. Yang reported he had noticed the milk in the refrigerator had changed color, as had Royal’s mouthwash.

Prosecutors say Royal, who is still suffering from the effects of the alleged poisoning, was “dumbfounded” when he learned Yang was the main suspect.

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24 thoughts on “Black Student Targeted With Racist Graffiti Didn’t Know His Roommate Was Slowly Poisoning Him

  1. I do not read anywhere, where this Yang, monster is being charged. If this would have been reversed, Royal, would have been charged, handcuffed, photography, and plastered all over CNN, by now. If that was my child, that University, would not know what would have hit them. And Mr.Yang, would be sued to the hill! Family and all. Our children must be careful trusting roommates, and strangers. We are living in very Perilous Times. God keep young Royal, from dying. There is something God, has for this young man to do. God bless him.

  2. Reminds me of the case at a university in Connecticut. A white girl was poisoning her black roommate’s eating utensils, coconut oil, toothbrush and other items with period blood, phlegm, and feces. The white girl was kicked out of school, received a suspended sentence for a misdemeanor and got maybe a month of probation. In other words she got off with a slap on the wrist and I expect this little Asian boy to get off as well. But you best believe if a black kid did this to a white or Asian person at a university here in America they would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and thrown in jail. That Asian kid should be prosecuted for attempted murder and as many other felonies as possible. He should spend quite a few years in jail but I’m sure they will find a way to keep that from happening. But obviously this Asian kid wasn’t nearly as smart as he thought he was, freaking idiot! My son had an Asian roommate for a semester at school. He said the guy was extremely inconsiderate, chain smoked and want clean. I got my son outta there quickly.

  3. If the situation was reversed Juwan would have been charged with attempted murder and a hate crime. Bruce Lee will get a slap on the wrist. Where’s the justice

  4. Truthful speaking on said:

    Sadistic monster. Too bad for him the Asian gangs in prison are a ph-king joke bc he’s going to need as much protection as he can handle when those prison brothas find out he was trying to racially murder a black kid, especially one trying to actual make a good life for himself.

  5. Asians rarely identify as a “minority”. They typically align themselves with being “white”, and this society typically sees them as a version of “white”, as well as from a class perspective. They fair better economically than other so called “minorities” and they are not treated the same as Blacks or Hispanics. How many times do you hear of cases of abuse or racial disparity or injustice involving Asians? Answer: You don’t. The basis of our relationship with Asians in this country has been primarily economics. They set up shops in our community because they know that we are consumers. There is very little or no respect towards us and the quality of service is usually poor to none. We are perceived by them as thugs and criminals just as some Caucasians in this society. They do not align themselves with black folks. So, please don’t get it twisted in confusing them with being a so called “minority”.

  6. It’s never ceases to amaze me how a minority has the audacity to be racist against ANOTHER minority, in a country where White people view themselves as “the standard”. Dumb ass idiot needs to do as much time behind bars as the law will allow. Let’s see how he feels about being a minority in AmeriKKKa then!

    • Leslie, I said the same thing too. How the hell him being a minority want to poison another minority? That is to show you how ignorant is bliss.

      • prerogmy on said:

        Even though he is a distant relative of Black people, we must watch them Asians. Do not trust them with your foods and beverages.,

  7. These RACIST TURDS are getting to be ridiculous.
    Just earlier in the year there was another incident regarding a ROOMMATE doing DISGUSTING things to HER African American roomie.

    That b–ch was only given a slap on the wrist regarding the punishment for her nasty deeds.
    Let’s see what this boy receives for his attempted POISONING of his roomie.

    DEPORT HIS ASS!!!!!!!!!!!

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