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ATLANTA (AP) — Rapper T.I. is paying a $300 fine after pleading no contest to violating a local law in Georgia that prohibits public cursing.

The charge against the performer stems from a May incident at the gated community where he lives in the Atlanta suburb of Stockbridge.

His spokesman, Steve Sadow, tells the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that T.I., whose real name is Clifford Harris Jr., maintains his innocence but entered a plea “to put this matter to bed.”

Henry County Deputy Police Chief Mike Ireland said at the time that T.I. lost his key and the guard wouldn’t let him into the neighborhood. A police report says the entertainer eventually was allowed inside but walked back to the guard, demanding his supervisor’s name. Police were called. T.I. was arrested and released on bond.

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6 thoughts on “T.I. Pleads No Contest To Violating Ban On Public Cursing

  1. Hmmmm,
    A white boy was fined $400 fine for repeatedly raping a girl at a frat party at Baylor University in Texas, no jail time, no registration as a sex offender. A Black man curses out of frustration, gets fined $300. What’s wrong with this picture?

  2. No public cursing? That’s a new one. That must be just there because here in N.C. I hear people cursing all the time . They would have to built several jail houses if they locked everyone up. I agree it’s disrespectful but we do have something called freedom of speech. It’s not like he was around a crowd of people, it was him and another adult. Oh well , they’ll find some kind of law when they want to get you. It’s amazing 45 have lied and cursed many times in front of crowds of people, on TV everywhere and. Has never been charged for cursing in public “go figure “

    • Christianforreal on said:

      Different states have laws that other states don’t have!!! And it does not matter in what state a black man is, he breaks the law when he opens his eyes in the morning!!!

  3. Ted Gravely on said:

    The cowardly racist cops strike again. Let’s do a quick recall on all the trumped up charges levied against this black man: simple assault, disorderly conduct, and public drunkenness (lying racist smelled overwhelming alcohol). So T.I. just to end this nonsense pleads no contest to “public cursing.” That folks is all you need to know. Stupid laws on the books to get black people for something. Throw everything at them and when that doesn’t work – “well we have this law that says you must tie your shoes while in public.” Stop listening to these racist clowns. Run for office in your city or state and change the laws. Encourage honorable people to run for District Attorney to ensure that crap like this won’t make it to the courts. This folks is modern Jim Crow. We have one of the Chief Coons on this site continuously denigrating black people for not taking it. Keep fighting.

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