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The recipients of Jay-Z’s college scholarship fund did not find the grants very helpful last school year, according to the New York Post.

The rapper’s Shawn Carter Scholarship Fund gave out an impressive $407,250 in grants last year to 255 students with awards ranging from $1,000 to $2,500 each…  but that’s “barely enough to cover books,” the publication wrote.

The money is reportedly paid directly to the colleges, with Virginia State University receiving the biggest chunk — $32,000, for an undisclosed number of students.

Some might say the grants aren’t truly benefiting the few students who receive them. But Dania Diaz, executive director of the organization, says otherwise.

“The foundation’s goal is to reach as many students as possible. It’s really about breadth in reaching a lot of students,” she said, noting that students can get grants for six years if they reapply.

In addition to the scholarships, the organization spends thousands for a bus tour of traditionally black colleges. Last year’s trip cost $44,581. Its annual toy giveaway at the Marcy Houses in Brooklyn cost $8,45.

The charity, which is overseen by Jay-Z’s mother Gloria Carter, charges $200 a head to participate in the program. Only 32 students signed up last year.

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11 thoughts on “Jay-Z’s College Scholarship Criticized For Barely Giving Students Enough To Cover Books

  1. Actually folks; any rich person who sets up “funds” for us po’ folk aren’t giving anything. They are taking the money they made off of you, “gifting” it to you and writing it off as charitable contributions at tax time. Because so many people foolishly worship the rich and famous; they believe everything they say.

  2. Marilyn on said:

    Who crticizes free money? That is money that you don’t have to borrow or work o ertime to earn.

    Accredited universities do not keep money that is not owed to them.
    Some articles should be rejected for lack of substance. This adds to nonsense negativity.

  3. Cynthia A Neal on said:

    It’s sad that people criticize this man for TRYING to do some good but can’t wait to kiss the ass of selfish people like Trump

  4. Jackie Williams on said:

    My son is in college and he has received scholarships for books. The check is sent to him directly but the check is written to the university. When he receives the check he goes to the bursar’s office and deposits the check under his student account. He then purchases books and the charges go against his account. Books are expensive and $1,000 can go a long way in helping with those expenses. No, it won’t put a big dent in the tuition or room and board but every little bit helps.

  5. Ms. E.J. on said:

    Anytime a scholarship goes directly to the school, the student potentially loses out. If the total amount of scholarship dollars exceeds the cost of attendance, the student is not awarded the surplus. So it is highly likely that a student awarded $1000-2500 for books would not receive all they needed. An immediate solution is to award those dollars directly to the student, but in some cases, there is no guarantee the student would apply it to school expenses or that another person would not intercept those funds. As for the college tour. $200 is not at all a lot to ask of any student no matter the income level. On average a bus tour would cost around $500-1000 per student depending on the route and overnight costs. At some point a student has to invest in their own future, whether that’s asking for donations, or working part time to contribute. God bless this foundation for their work. Hopefully some resolve can take place so that more will participate.

    • Christianforreal on said:

      ” are$200 is not at all a lot to ask of any student no matter the income level.” $200 is a whole lot of money to some families. I agree that students should be made to invest in themselves, but don’t you dare try to assess what may or may not be a hardship for another. I love that there some celebrities that will give back to the community. As much as I’d like to say something negative, the spirit will not allow it. I will say this though, as glad as I am that he is doing something to help, I do believe that he should do more!!

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