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(Channel 2 Action News)

Last month Robin Le-Hanefi’s son passed her in his jeep on a Georgia road and was far enough ahead of her that his car was out of sight.

Then she saw a cloud of smoke.

Le-Hanefi told Channel 2 Action News Thursday that her heart sank as she got closer. She saw her son’s almost unrecognizable Jeep wrapped around a large pole and her badly injured son ejected from the vehicle.

“I had his hand, and I said, ‘Andre, hold on. Please hold on,’” she said. “I just ran in the road, and I was just screaming, telling somebody to wave them down, and then some people came, and they stopped. And I said my son — my son is in the accident.”

Andre Johnson, 27, was rushed to the hospital where he reportedly died a short time later.

According to a police report obtained by the news station, Johnson lost control for an unknown reason, crashing into the pole. The crash happened on Nov. 16.

“My son was a lovable person,” Le-Hanefi said. “Torture … it was torture.”

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10 thoughts on “‘I Was Just Screaming’: Woman Finds Dying Son, Mangled Jeep

  1. And to the Mother loss her child by wreck,I pray that you find comfort in your time of bereavement,you lean alot by ugly things posted but I had to come back on ignorance of your loss.Ive loss my child and was never notified and I will have them in court soon, Trust!I pray God comforts you on a old Pattern!

  2. And I what I stated was Turn yo ass into FED,AND LESS SEE WHY YOU BEEN OUT HERE NINE YEARS,on a Old Pattern,and know your 2.5 and knowg everything yal said and done will enter court.Just as well as fraud!& It’s nothing to discuss it’s CALLED JUSTICE ON 2! SO NEED NO NEED TO RUN AND ASK FOR HELP.MURDERS ARE MUREDERS AND FRAUD IS FRAUD.SO OH YEA YU WILL ENTER COURT FOR WHAT HAPPENED TO MINE.ITS CALLED PATTERN ONE AND PATTERN2!And THOSE ON FBI RECORD WILL GO!ITS NO BIG I’S AND little u’s. So take your titles and get ready for court.

  3. Good Yu see them every day in there Altima,that mean Yu didn’t miss anything.aand be careful when Yu stating Altima’s and Mama’s! Don’t bite off more than Yu can chew on #2! Now I will see how fast investigators find yo tired out off date wanna be popular ass. if there on there dam phone you must wanna be a air Skyper with illegal cameras again!& Mama taught well,yal black ass can’t stay away! Just know yo Nooses and Ropes! Fraud & #2 Bodies!And a dam Jeep has nothing to do with a altima.and you will have your time in got a Jeep offendment behind a hummmer#2 and have ya FBI recording for those you bought! You talk on internet but RUN FROM COURT! HAAAAAAA,YU WILL BE THERE SOON.ITS It’s the same predator family,that preys on black young adults.they mouth roboted back so expect that!and know my Dam child drive a Black Altima and know where her Body went,you will be handled Trust,& find the court room,Snakes!& You can’t Mac you to busy running!Now get ya old pattern and set ready for court.remeber you said that before Re/live

  4. Your story hits home as my son too drives fast at times. May God give to the strength and comfort you will need in those quiet times of deeply missing your baby boy.

  5. Mac Daddy on said:

    Lost control for unknown reasons? Really? Look at that mangled wreckage. Brother was driving just like he learned from mama. I see them everyday in their Altima 2.5’s. Weaving in and out of heavy traffic yapping on the phone and playing with their weave. Sorry for you loss, but the Mac got to keep it real

    • Don’t you mean the racist got to spew hate. You do not know those people you just want to say stup, mean hateful things like trump.

  6. Christianforreal on said:

    My son is a speed demon and if we were on the same road at the same time no one would know it cause he’d be so far ahead he’d be out of sight, as in this case. And I am also a fast driver. I feel so sorry for your lost, I can’t imagine watching your baby’s life leave him. I pray that GOD is with you and will comfort and strength you!!!

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