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If you’re not familiar with Sam Whiteout… here’s a brief recap – he’s a white boy who went viral because of his Kappa Alpha Psi frat affiliation. Many were impressed when videos showed him hitting the shimmy (see above)– as such, he gained a large following.

As noted by blavity.com, White has used his notoriety to talk about social issues, namely racism and white privilege.

“Being white in a Black space demands a very self-reflective mindset,” he told The Daily Dot in February 2017. “The onus is on me to make sure I don’t disrespect the culture or the community at large, and part of that is the authenticity with which I approached Kappa.”

But things went left for Whiteout when he penned an essay about being “woke” in an article for the Kennedy School Journal of African American Public Policy.

“Today, being woke and doing good have become part of the pop culture and have certainly become a bit diluted in the process,” he wrote. “Specifically, wokeness has lost some of its connection to Black activism. However, as the link between wokeness and profit becomes more clear, we will face more and more attempts to capitalize off this trend without actually being woke or doing any good at all.”

After detailing the issue, Whiteout offered some suggestions on how to stop corporations from capitalizing off wokeness.

“Let’s celebrate folks doing good while making sure the conversation doesn’t end without turning that inspiration into momentum for more good to be done,” he wrote. “And let’s be frank about the attempts to be woke that are too meager in their effort to warrant praise while making sure that conversation doesn’t take place in a contextual vacuum.”

After he posted excerpts of the article online, Black Twitter snapped. Below are some of the reactions.

Whiteout eventually followed up with an apology: “I am so sorry,” he wrote. “My intentions … do not change the negative impact I have caused, and that is entirely my fault.”

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4 thoughts on “White Kappa Alpha Psi Member Slammed After Penning Essay On Wokeness

  1. This is what happens when a people have no focus or direction. Out of all the real and pervasive issues plaguing us; we spend energy on this. Exactly why we remain stagnant. And yes, for the past 60 years or so, our “leaders” have been begging white people to like us, include us, give us space in their world. Hell, people on here do it everyday.

  2. Who asked for white ally’s. I’m black and I didn’t ask for anything. Thats our damn problem now. Wanting to align with your God made enemy. So please drop the we. I’m good being seperated from them.

    • Y’all forget that we’re still a minority in all 50 states and even a large turnout last 11/6 wasn’t enough in FL and GA. We need white allies at the polls,especially millennial men like Sam Whiteout who apparently don’t feel threatened by the success of women or people of color.

  3. N. Johnson on said:

    He was right; period. Anyone who was upset, or offended, is simply facing their own guilt about how his statements implicated them. As black people, we ask for allies in the white race. It is disgusting to lash out at a person who offered the support we request; especially because one sees their self as the point of rudicule in a just statement.

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