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New Orleans cosmetics mogul Reynell “Supa” Steward, founder and CEO of The Crayon Case, generated $1 million in sales in less than 2 hours on Cyber Monday.

It was $1.2 million to be exact.

According to blackbusiness.org, The Crayon Case is a cosmetic line for amateur make-up users and aspiring makeup artists. The brand features lipsticks and eyeshadows, and the products were 60 percent off Monday, leading to record-breaking online sales.

“It felt like a slot machine that never stopped running,” Steward told WDSU.

As noted by xonecole.com:

Supa is a 30-year-old CEO and mother of a young son, awaiting the arrival of her daughter with her supportive fiance, and has worked over 15 jobs in her hometown before quitting her job as a waitress and following her dreams.

“My goal was to make at least a million for the entire weekend. Never would imagined to make it in 90 minutes. It felt like a slot machine that never stopped running,” Raynell shared in a statement to WDSU6.

The New Orleans native launched her business in 2017 and it caught the eye Crayola. The company approached the CEO about her designs and how closely they resembled their branded crayons.

via xonecole.com:

Supa responded by immediately stopping production and changing her designs, even asking for the mega brand’s approval of her revisions. To her surprise, shortly after Crayola debuted their own cosmetic line that bared a shocking resemblance to Supa’s products….without giving Supa Cent any credit.

She explains:

“They have the right to tell me ‘b*itch take that off, that’s my sh*it’ so we changed it with no problem, so I understand. I infringed their brand first, so why can I be mad at them for seeing some sh*t is poppin’… I’m not about to poke no bear. I’m not about to go [to] them and say, ‘You stole my shit, I’m taking you to court,’ b*tch no! Those people could have sued me…and they didn’t. So why would I go sue those people for something they rightfully could do?”


Supa Cent became a social media sensation back in 2013 after she went viral on the Vine App for her comedy clips.

“I am just a normal girl from New Orleans who has a public sense of humor. Which got me to where I am today,” Supa Cent revealed in an interview with RollingOut. “When I started doing videos, they were so raw and unapologetic — people related to it! I didn’t care how people reacted to them! I just was venting, and they felt where I was coming from.”

For more details about her brand, visit www.thecrayoncase.com or follow her on Instagram at @supa_cent

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