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Sheesh! Check out this story. It’s definitely a sign of the times.

A Tennessee man named Davon Eddington found himself staring down the barrels of guns of multiple cops all because he quoted the familiar lyric to Jay Z‘s hit tune, “99 Problems.”

Eddington told TMZ that he was hanging out in his backyard last week in Spring Hill drinking a beer and talking to his brother on the phone about LeBron James and the Lakers. Dude’s brother called him a bandwagon Lakers fan and Davon replied, “I got 99 problems, but a bitch ain’t one.”

Uh oh, what did he say that for? It seems a nosey neighbor overheard the convo and misinterpreted the lyric and called the cops and told them he thinks Davon’s beating his fiancee. Just so you know, Eddington’s fiancee was upstairs taking a bath.

according to the police report, cops raced to Eddington’s home after the caller told them he heard Davon say he had “99 problems and this bitch ain’t one.”

Eddington says police ultimately got to his house and onto his property with guns drawn before they realized it was a total misunderstanding.

Davon  said the police apologized and he kept his cool, but now he knows his neighbor definitely ain’t his friend.

We can only wonder if his neighbor is “old” and “out of it” or is something else along racial lines … or both?

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