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After his mugshot was shared on Facebook, Charles Dion McDowell, 31, a drug suspect out of Florida, became the subject of ridicule online for having an enormous neck.

McDowell was reportedly arrested for fleeing from police and being in possession of drugs. The Escambia County Sheriff’s Office posted his mugshot on the department’s Facebook page Tuesday afternoon and the jailbird quickly went viral, with Social media users poking fun at his neck, saying: “He’s up to his neck in charges.”

“His neck is still at LARGE!!!” one Facebook user cracked about McDowell.

“Somebody notify his Necks to Kin!” added another.

According to the FB post by the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office, McDowell was arrested for possession of methamphetamine and cocaine with an intent to sell, manufacture or deliver the drug, as well as possession of marijuana and possession of drug equipment, per

Nick Terri Jackson said: “They caught him just in the neck of time.”

Moshae Elise commented: “Somebody said he was neckligent.”

Jamie Lee Bloodworth said: “Looks like he was transforming into the Hulk but only his neck got angry.”

McDowell has since been released and in a video said that he normally ignores people who talk about him, but this time is different because there are so many people.

According to, excessive neck fat can lead to health problems.

She writes:

So how did McDowell’s neck grow so big? The answer could be genetics, excessive neck fat, muscular disorder, or various medical conditions such as Cushing’s Syndrome or hypothyroidism.

Having a big neck (more than 16 inches in circumference) can actually be bad for your health.

Men with thick necks are more likely to have heart problems or suffocate in their sleep.

According to, Cushing’s syndrome, diabetes type 2, and certain medications such as steroids can add large fat deposits around the neck.

Neck fat risks include heart problems, high cholesterol and diabetes. Too much fat in any location is not good for the heart, according to Livestrong.

Neck fat can also increase the risk of sleep apnea by closing off the airways in the throat during sleep.

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