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When the custodian at Dallas Independent School District’s Frank Guzick Elementary School had an emergency, principal Adreana Davis stepped up to handle the responsibilities.

Davis told WFAA, “I just put those gloves on and got to work.”

As reported by WFAA, when teachers and students saw the principal pushing the custodian’s cart down the halls, they were not surprised.

“In her absence, things needed to get done. And some restrooms needed to be cleaned,” Dr. Davis said, noting that she tackled the work so her staff could continue teaching students, she told WFAA.

“As the leader of the building, that’s one of the expectations I have for myself and my staff, is to ensure that our kids have the best possible place to be educated,” Dr. Davis said.

When custodial supervisor Tameka Johnson returned to campus, she was a bit shocked and quite impressed.

“I was like, oh my gosh, I didn’t want her to see how that looks,” Johnson laughed.

The staff has “an all hands on deck at all times” attitude.

“It doesn’t matter what your title is,” Davis said. “We believe in the potential that our students have to be the very best that they could possibly be.”

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3 thoughts on “Principal Cleans School After Custodian Takes Off For An Emergency [Video]

  1. Alot of other principals can learn from you. You never to high to do what someone else do. A job well done Dr. Davis. Its about the kids not about you

  2. Awesome story. This is a perfect display of humility and doing what it takes to accomplish the goal. Thank you so much for this story.

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