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Many of us can’t deny the crunch and flavor of a nice potato chip. Whether it’s barbecue, salt-n-vinegar or original our hand keeps digging in that bag until the very last one is eaten.

Pringles whose slogan is, “Once you pop the fun don’t stop,” is gearing up to release a Thanksgiving flavored chip. That’s right, put your hand in that can to taste the flavor of turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie.

According to the New York Post the chips will not be sold in stores and is a limited-edition. For $14.99 you can have an entire Thanksgiving meal in a can.

Moreover, last year Pringles came out with eight Thanksgiving flavors that were laid out on a television dinner tray.

The senior vice president of marketing, Yuvraj Arora said, “So exciting to see Pringles fans’ positive reactions,” after the flavored chips were released.

Lastly, supplies are limited and you can purchase them, here!

Let us know if you would eat these chips.



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