Roland Martin: Don’t Listen To These ‘Fake Conscious Negroes’


If you follow anyone on social media who encourages you to not vote, or who tells you voting is pointless, you need to unfollow them right now.

Roland Martin says there are a lot of “fake conscious Negroes” who like to preach about prison reform and police brutality, without realizing they have to vote to change those things! You have to vote for district attorneys and sheriffs and judges, that’s how things change. Posting angry videos online does no good if you don’t go and cast your ballot on election day.

Martin urges everyone to not listen to all of these “fake Malcolm X’s” who “know nothing” and are spreading a bunch of  foolishness. Voting is your voice, and your voice matters.

We may not have won everything yesterday but he says, Black people “are not giving up because we have not given up in 399 years,” and we’re not giving up in the 400th year! Adding, “we will fight until hell freezes over and then we will fight on the ice!”




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33 thoughts on “Roland Martin: Don’t Listen To These ‘Fake Conscious Negroes’

  1. Lora J Neal on said:

    Lora, If any black person who does not vote , they should go and find out what happened in the past during the elections , people of color were made to pay a tax and pass a test . The very white people who gave the test and questioned people’s right to vote could not read and they did not know the constitution themselves but they stopped people of African american descent by
    threatening them with bodily harm , even murder , so think about all the people who lost their lives in trying to register to vote. Bloody Sunday on the bridge in which they celebrated the 50th anniversary of the crossing of the Edmund Pettis bridge,

  2. MIna Payne/Studia Jones on said:

    ..I took A computer programming course .. 30 years or more ago… in Calif at USC…… And If you don’t think computer programming is at Least 25 years deep in our voting system.. everybody is still stuck -on- stupid ……..It’s like going to the bank… and standing in line to cash a check…. when everybody else is using direct deposit…….or standing in line to P/U a check . and no one told US …… about the BIG ASS CHANGE. Also.. it’s like going to your justice center to pay for a speeding- ticket and find ONLY black people are in the Court House. Yes there are a couple of reason why but I always felt—— they don’t write white people tickets…….. ………………I often wondered if the white precinct would even have people in lines, given the court house scenario ….. ………People have to understand……programming is giving the machine a brain to think by a long detailed script…… writing the directives….. telling the computer how and where to calculate, receive, distribute,erase, convert, file or refile, rename and/or destruct in its code language ……. ??????? HELLOooooo! I say if you want the” too woke to vote crowd” back in …….. arrest that use- to-be private electrical utility rooms which is now that central- command room, or Mother Board, or IT rooms — where-ever, whatever or who-ever that are paid to control any endeavor …… Get that straight- talk examined,and in the open…… for a serious resolution. I have no idea how Russia is influencing our votes unless they control those programming modules,chips,rooms satellite offices ……. etc……All these decoy ducks are getting on my nerves…… just saying…. in my honest opinion…..and rational mind-set to think of how living in America has always worked, can you imagine a change ,without corruption, before we disclose and unveil it…….. you think?

  3. Bro P.O.L.I.G.H.T. on said:

    Rolly Polly is 😡. We been voting since the 60’s and we still get gunned down in the streets by police with no remedy or even much investigation. A black man was lynched the other day In the south, meanwhile the people we supposedly voted for like Obama gave Gays more rights than blacks. Wtf! Man I’d listen to these so called hotep negros over you boot licking massa bots who act like you care but are just trying to pay your mortgage with our views. Roland you know that voting has done nothing if any for blacks. erything that was happening to us in the 60’s is still happening. What did voting do for blacks ?

    • Polight you shouldn’t be so disrespectful to another black brother. That in itself shows your hypocrisy that you are not really conscious. And if the voting is not working. Then brotha where is your answer and what do you do besides besides talk propaganda. So if you got the right answers then why are we still as you say have gotten nowhere? Prove you right and make your idea right or can you

  4. Talkin Moose on said:

    I will vote , when they start talking about getting black people justice, resources and punishing the racist cops who kill our people. Zimmerman is still free.

  5. Passing Through!! on said:

    The same blacks against voting will be the first to march, protest and riot against the white power structure when some unarmed black citizen gets shot by the white police but won’t vote for a black DA or Prosecutor. Black people have no plan or organization in place to hold candidates accountable when they get our vote. We should be holding regular town hall and community meetings with leaders and politicians keeping them on their toes, asking and demanding answers and change. If you simply give someone your vote and go back to sleep of course their not going to do shyt for us or our community, that’s our fault.

  6. Passing Through!! on said:

    Some of the fake conscious negros sound like RepubikKKKan puppets. This is what happens when black people listen to and take talking points and pointers from white people and white news media, allowing them to write our narrative and tell us what and what doesn’t work. The system doesn’t work for black because it’s been mostly ran and structured by whites for years, decades. The ghettos, projects, welfare system was a manufactured government experiment of oppression on black people. Food stamp and welfare programs are what pushed a lot of black men out of the black households, telling black women you have to be single if you want assistance while the original welfare program was created to support married white women. The drug epidemic also created by the government in the black community. If we don’t vote how do we expect to get black people in power. We can’t simply give them our vote and DEMAND nothing in return we have to hold them accountable for our vote. It’s not that voting doesn’t work it’s that most blacks are clueless as to how government operates. Voting isn’t an automatic fix but with educated black voters and a structured plan in place it’s a start.

  7. Hahaha hahaha hahaha…the “fake” conscious negros are the people who keep the real and true knowledge of the voting process known. I don’t vote because it’s a waste of time. Black people are always used as the extra push needed for an agenda that further oppresses us. Thanks for all those who sat this one out….. peaceful non-compliance!

  8. Chris Simpson on said:

    Roland, I think you need to go back and maybe reread Malcolm’s speech he gave in 1964 entitled The ballot or the bullet. This is this place that most of us who didn’t or don’t vote are. Malcolm’s speech is yet relevant to this very day.

  9. Bullsfan on said:

    This is coming from a guy who’s been a Democratic shill for what, his whole career? Sorry Roland your ways are old and a new divide is lurking. Black folks need to re-evaluate our political decisions and start developing a voting agenda. If the politician doesn’t address us directly and than proceed to advocate our Agenda, than we have no business voting for them. We’ve been politically exploited too long thanks to people like Roland who NEVER EVER held Obama or any Democrats accountable for their damage to black society.

    • Passing Through!! on said:

      What damage did Obama do to the black community?
      African-American unemployment rate has seen a larger percentage-point decline in the recovery, falling much faster than the overall unemployment rate.
      The real median income of black households increased by 4.1 percent between 2014 and 2015.
      The poverty rate for African Americans fell faster in 2015 than in any year since 1999.
      Teen pregnancy among African-American women is at an historic low.
      The President’s FY 2017 budget request proposes a new, $30 million competitive grant program, called the HBCU and Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs) Innovation for Completion Fund.
      To date, Obama has commuted the sentences of 562 federal inmates, more than the previous nine presidents combined.
      President Obama has made 62 lifetime appointments of African Americans to serve on the federal bench. This includes 9 African-American circuit court judges.
      It also includes the appointment of 53 African American district court judges—including 26 African-American women appointed to the federal court, which is more African-American women appointed by any President in history.
      All of the these things and MORE were accomplished under a black president but some will continue to tell us that Obama nothing for black people. Again black people listening to and taking talking points from racist but yet calling themselves CONSCIOUS.

  10. What they fail to mention about voting is when there isn’t a quality person to vote for. When neither party addresses the needs for black Americans, it’s hard to vote for them. I will not vote for Dems who I feel pc / identity politics is ruining the country. And Republicans, well, they have many of the issues I care about, but they don’t express support for blacks and women.

  11. You are right Roland, someone close to me told me we don’t get into that, we let it fall where it may, and that’s that old slavery time thinking, seeing how our black people are being treated and I didn’t want to get into it with him so I just said a no vote is like you’re voting for the Republican bro and he said no it ain’t how is that? if you don’t vote it’s taking a vote away from what we are trying to get enough people in office to get Trump out.

  12. @jhuf: did you seriously just ask “what obstacles are in place to prevent blacks from voting?!! You should have asked us to pick an obstacle because there were many:

    Everywhere you looked (except in your perfect wonderland, apparently) black voters were having trouble voting, and quite a few were not able to vote at all, even with their “state issued ID” – did you think you were special and the only black person who has “state issued ID”? Ummm, you’re not. You seem to be feeling yourself because you live in a “vastly republican state”. Well, stay there and keep your “vastly” ignorant comments to yourself. The people who are actually fighting for something don’t need to trip over YOU.

    • YES I DID !! because what I find interesting is the majority of those problems took place in heavily democratic run areas where need I say the polling places are controlled by democrats so what does that say about the incompetence of democratic rule

      • What country are you trolling from jhuf? BAW please do something about these degenerates! I’m sooooooooo damn sick of them. Only a lifeless object like a robot could stand beating its head against the wall, and getting nowhere. Your words have no merits here FOOL.

      • No matter what, VOTE!!! They wouldn’t be trying so hard to keep people from VOTING if there were no results! If problems are occurring within “democratic run areas” and “polling places controlled by democrats” then the democrats WILL be called out on that, but no matter what, VOTE!!!

  13. americanize on said:

    Sounds just like a boule negro,this same ni**a was buckdancin on national television for Hillary,we been voting for sixty people progress is still at a standstill ur fool if you think voting is going to liberate and empower black people.

    • Manetric Douglas on said:

      It did during the reconstruction era. They wouldn’t be trying so hard to make it hard for you to vote if your vote didn’t matter. Why do you think we still got laws on the book from when they had black codes/poll tax etc?

      • What obstacles are in place to prevent blacks from voting??? In my vastly republican state I went to my polling place the one the state election board assigned to me walked up to those blue haired old white ladies handed them my state issued ID (the one I got off my ass and got 40 years ago so I could drive a car fly on a plane or cash a check) they in turn looked up my name had me sign next to it handed me a ballot and said have a nice life…so what obstacles are you referring too????

    • Facts. This is why they let him push this ignorant agenda, and before anybody said well my Ancestors died for the right to vote. OUR ANCESTORS DIED TO BE TREATED WITH DIDGNITY AND RESPECT AS A HUMAN BEING. yALL HAVE TO OVERSTAND THAT IF ONE SOLUTION DOESNT WORK TRY ANOTHER.

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