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Michael Jackson was a pioneer in breaking and pushing boundaries in the music industry, from being the first black artist featured regularly on MTV to using groundbreaking technology in his music videos.

Now his nephew, Jaafar Jackson – son of Michael’s brother, Jermaine – is following in his famous uncle’s footsteps.

At “The Reveal” at the Dolby theater in Los Angeles of the new technology NASGO is betting it becomes the norm eventually, Jafaar Jackson performed in support of his new album, which he has earlier announced at the United Nations would be released in the new format called “tokenization.” He had made the announcement about the groundbreaking way he will release his album earlier at both the United Nations and then at the New York Stock Exchange.

Like his famous family, Jaafar Jackson wanted to make it clear he is releasing his album using this new technology to both be more accessible to fans and to be better  able to support social causes.

“One of the biggest things (is) I want to bring awareness about things that are going on around the world through my music,” said Jafaar to EURweb in an exclusive interview.. “Using this technology and my music together, it’s definitely going to make me very happy.”

Jafaar feels the new blockchain/tokenization technology helps both artists and fans.

“Blockchain? It’s like buying stock in a company,” he said. “By buying tokens, you become part of that artist. So, a lot of fans will be able to be part of my music. If I had  a chance to be part of some of the artists that I grew up listening to, I would love to have done that! This is new and I believe a lot of people will love this.”

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6 thoughts on “Jaafar Jackson Sounds Just Like His Uncle Michael [Video]

  1. Constance Foster on said:

    He sounds a little like Mike, not he vocal range. But beautiful voice none the less. He will go following in the family’s footsteps of great music. Way to go Jaafar. Try pulling more on the vocals then you got it.

  2. Tracy Lee on said:

    Looking forward to great things from Jaafar. He sounds and looks like his uncle Michael and having been a huge MJ fan my entire life I am excited. Happy that special gift presented itself in that multi talented family through Jaafar.

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