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The principal of a San Diego elementary school sent out an email warning parents of a Black man who was inside of a nearby Starbucks. Now she’s sent an email apology for being racist.

The San Diego Tribune reports that principal Donna Tripi warned La Jolla Elementary School parents about “an African American male about 30 years old, about 6’1-6’2, dressed in all black and a hooded sweatshirt,” at Starbucks.

The man had allegedly stared at and followed a parent’s daughter at a local Starbucks. The email went on to give parents security tips “to keep your children safe,” including calling the police “if you see something that doesn’t feel right.”

Tripi has sent out an apology email, saying that she unintentionally perpetuated stereotypes about black men.

“My email was a mistake. While it is critical to keep our school family safe, the way I communicated didn’t provide enough specifics to identify the individual, but could easily lead to unnecessary and harmful reactions against other members of our community,” Tripi wrote. “African American males continue to face discrimination in our society every day. The thought that I unintentionally contributed to that climate with a vague email is something for which I owe our community an apology.”

Later in the email, Tripi defended the parent’s fears about the Black man, saying she’s “confident the concern they described was not imagined.” Adding that the parent was reasonable in believing that the man was following her daughter.

The Tribune reports, out of 535 students enrolled at La Jolla Elementary last fall, five were Black, state data shows. The school didn’t employ any Black teachers last school year, according to state data. Out of 31 teachers, 28 were white.

Stories Of Racism And Discrimination In 2018
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22 thoughts on “Elementary School Principal Apologizes For Warning Parents About Black Man

  1. M Radant on said:

    Considering all the crime out of proportion black males commit in this country, what do you expect?!? The USA needs an all out race war!

  2. Christianforreal on said:

    The email description was actually pretty clear. How many Black men in Starbucks are going to be 6’1”-2′, and dressed in all black and have a hoodie on. That isn’t the typical Black man who patronizes Starbucks. So IF this parent did actually feel that her daughter was being followed, then the principal had a duty to warn other parents in the community. I, as a Black woman, have no qualms about that. I care not what the race or ethnicity of this supposed pedophile is, if it’s a real concern and not just racial profiling than warn me.

  3. And in the PC coulter of CA warning someone about a potentially dangerous person is a PC Faux pas Hmmm wonder if Nia Wilson had been warned of that lunatic roaming around if she would still be alive

  4. Phoenix Rising on said:

    Look at the Mac(s) commenting. One in the same. Cosigning on his OWN BS. How sorry is that? Poor baby, got nothing else to do with his time except be around all those blacks he claims “absolutely no one wants to be around.” Just to stupid to realize what a fool he continues to make of himself.

  5. fire her dumb ass. always saorry when you get called on it. enuf is enuf. mac wand be daddy you mad cause even your own mama don’t wanna be bothered with you. go away.

  6. Mac Attack on said:

    If he did follow this girl as the parent reported, the principals duty is to warn the school community. Black men have a propensity for white women, that is not debatable

    • Phoenix Rising on said:

      You hate the fact that your white women have a propensity for black men. This is why you’re so cynical, angry and bitter. You probably tried your hands with a black women and she cut your dumb @ss down to size. How does it feel like to be emasculated? Did you comment on your small member? I bet you have a big @ss L on your forehead.

  7. Michael Middleton on said:

    Hopefully someday we as Blacks will realize that desegregation didn’t work out too well for us. Also, Mac Stupid Daddy only want our “Black” attention. Thanks Phyllis…..your comment was well stated but I doubt the idiot will get it.

    • Mac Daddy on said:

      You are so right. Desegregation revealed the blacks could not compete academically with others, this began the dumbing down of the educational standards to give the appearance that we could. Had we only known what we were getting ourselves into

      • Michael Middleton on said:

        Mac Fool….You nagging folks have always been too dumb and stupid to know what you get yourselves into. You monstrous devils never know when to leave other people alone. I’m sure this post will excite your ignorance to rant even more.

  8. While they are worried about black men, it is white men who lead in child molestation. Look at the Catholic church. Those white priests have been molesting children for years

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