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A police officer in Columbus, Ohio, instructed an 11-year-old caught Saturday with a BB gun to remember one name: Tyre King.

The 13-year-old King was killed in 2016 when another police officer responding to reports of an armed robbery saw him pull what appeared to be a gun from his waistband. By the time officers determined the object was a BB gun, it was too late.

When Officer Peter Casuccio stepped out of his patrol car to confront an 11-year-old on Saturday, his own weapon was drawn. Like King, the youngster pulled the gun from his waistband before dropping it onto the sidewalk. Casuccio said he knew it was a BB gun only when it broke into pieces on impact.

“You could’ve been gone,” Casuccio told the youngster in front of his family members. “Everything you wanted to do in this life could’ve been over in less than three seconds.”

Casuccio was patrolling the neighborhood when he heard a report of two young black males flashing a gun. Body camera video shows Casuccio telling the youths, ages 11 and 13, “this is getting kids killed all over the country.”

Though the youngsters quickly apologized, Casuccio refused to let them walk away. He said that he didn’t want to scare them, but that they needed to understand the gravity of their actions.

“If you get the opportunity to make an impact on a young person, that’s the best way to prevent future crime,” Casuccio said Wednesday. It’s easier, he added, to get the message through to a youth than a young man.

Casuccio drove the 11-year-old to his home after his friend was picked up by a parent. As soon as the youngster stepped onto his lawn, his mother yelled.

“He could’ve shot you, because that looks real to me!” she said of the gun. She later thanked Casuccio for not pulling the trigger.

Before he left, Casuccio recounted King’s shooting and asked the youngster to reflect on how close he came to death.

“That’s not the way it worked out today,” he said, “but it could’ve.”

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17 thoughts on “Police Officer Lectures Black 11-Year-Old Carrying BB Gun [Video]

  1. tedgravely on said:

    Now this is some serious mind control. Black boys don’t you dare carry or even think about carrying a fake weapon or I could shoot you. White men can march around open and concealed carry 24/7, “wez don’t like it, but yous live.” As revolutionary Emiliano Zapata Salazar said, “I’d rather die on my feet, than live on my knees.” Nothing like encouraging obedience from a black male child by getting his overprotective mother involved. Ohio is a traditional open-carry state. The open-carry of firearms by those who legally possess the firearm is a legal activity in Ohio with or without a license. These liars. The so called Officer said, “I saw these two young men (11 and 13) walking eastbound away from me. I started to give him loud verbal commands to show me their hands.” If they were young men (18 and 21), you can legally possess a weapon in Ohio. To be eligible for a Concealed Carry License in the state of Ohio, individuals must be at least 21 years of age without any felony convictions or convictions for domestic violence or certain misdemeanor drug offenses. Ohio is so liberal with their concealed weapon laws that it includes day care facilities, non-secure areas of airports and private planes. Tamir Rice was 12, racist officer thought he was 20. Disarming and emasculating black males is sickening. Black men stand on your feet. Don’t clap and pat these fools on the back for “not” doing something.

    • African American Woman on said:

      Yeah because there’s so many 11 year olds with open carry permits that this will affect. I swear some people will even take something positive and turn it into a negative. If you, or anyone, pulls a gun at a police officer; they are not going to ask you if you have a permit for that gun before they disarm you. This is common sense. Firstly, kids carrying guns, fake or otherwise, is a no-no. Secondly, this is an 11 year old boy, not a man. Thirdly, he has an overwhelmingly greater chance of being gunned down by someone who looks like him, so carrying around and glamorizing that lifestyle only furthers our apathy to the mass killings that occur in our communities everyday. You know the ones we ignore because there’s no cop or white person involved?

      • Truly African American Woman. There are none so blind as those who will not see. Plain and simple truths will elude them every time. Self-imposed darkness.

  2. Honestly on said:

    The cave n!@@er with a badge casiccio is a tyrannical racist. The way he spoke to those children was to instill fear. The depraved bastard sounded like he was deprived of an opportunity for a kill. They should have never been let out of the caves of Europe.

  3. Goldie 2 on said:

    Kudos to the officer, kudos to the mom for her reaction but most of all KUDOS TO GOD. The officer is a good person and the boy and his mom are too.

  4. I’m sure the Race Baiters hate this, so much for that “cops have declared open season on blacks” I also wonder who the genius of a parent (probably just the mother) was that allowed this kid to run around with a BB gun, if Michael Brown’s parents had been smarter he might still be walking around breathing

      • no I want law abiding non-felon adults to be able to defend themselves just like all conservetives
        it’s the libards that only want kids and felons to have guns you know like Chicago

  5. Tasha M Tillman on said:

    He should teach a class! He should be featured on the TJMS like you do Money Mondays and Ask the Dr. Wednesday; Educate A Cop Thursday or Reach A Life Friday.
    Thank you Officer Casiccio, thank you!!!

  6. This could have easily gone so, so bad. An acknowledgement of responsible thinking goes out to Officer Casiccio – – he could have easily shot and said he feared for his life but I would like to think that when there is not hate in your heart you will not use a situation to act upon that hate. His lecture was on point and I can only hope that these two young men will learn a valuable lesson from this and go on to be outstanding citizens in their adult lives.

  7. Kudo’s to officer Casiccio for giving that advise to the 11yr old who was carrying around a BB gun.

    Tamir Rice as SHOT/KILLED carrying the same BB gun around.

    Cops SHOULD be able to determine a BB gun from a REAL gun.
    However, MOST of them just start shooting US instead.

    Casuccio goes to show that there are SOME decent law enforcement out here-

    • African American Woman on said:

      You speak as if a cop’s job does not expose him to an array of different people and different situations daily; not to mention many of them volatile and dangerous. Many times, a second or 2 of hesitation can mean the end of their life. They SHOULD not have to determine what kind of gun a person possesses; that person should not be carrying a gun, much less, a toy gun that looks real and then be fool enough to pull it out in front an an officer! This child was lucky because the gun broke. Parents, we MUST do better when it comes to what values we teach our children. Common sense should tell anyone over 8, you point a gun at a cop, you might get shot. Stop blaming and looking for others to do the thinking for you. Don’t point a weapon at a cop! What’s so hard not to understand there?

      • you seem to forget that there are conceal carry weapons, no the 8 year old would not have that, but when you have a policeman who uses his brain, this is an 8 yr. old child, and does not immediately thinkm, i fear for my life, then you have outcomes like this. i do agree that our children should not even be allowed to play with guns since you have so many police, or anyone else out there, who is more tha willing to shoot to kill. Look at that idiot racist who shot at the young boy who was looking for directions to his school because he missed the bus, and his racist wife saying he was puliing at the screen door and the idiot saying he wasn’t trying to shoot him. lies, all lies. and guess whaaaaatboy did not have a gun!! u r no african american woman, and if you are your self hate is showing. #goawayfelicia!!!

      • AAW [L] is the reason we have such poverty, crime blight in black communities in the U.S. (ignard about facts, ignard when it comes to logic, ignard about good social behavior, and ignard about what’s truly detrimental to black people in America) seeing her comment earlier I was angered by the fact every one reading it was subjected to mild brain damage

      • Queen if you think an 8 or 12 yo with a gun isn’t just as dangerous you are incredibly naive

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