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For such a little guy, comic Katt Williams seems to always find himself in big trouble. Well, he’s in that space again because the man who says he was assaulted by Williams last Friday in Portland is suing the funnyman for $76,000.

His lawyer says the money is for his physical injuries and emotional distress. The alleged victim’s name is Wali Kanani and he’s the owner of Delta Town Car Service in Portland.

Kanani was picking up Williams, his German Shepherd, and his colleagues at a private hanger of the airport, reports Fox12.

The complaint, filed Monday, states Williams insisted his dog sit in the front seat, and Kanani said no.

The document outlines what happened from there. It alleges Williams called Kanani names like “white trash,” then punched him in the face.

Kanani ran inside to get away and Williams reportedly “commanded his dog to start chasing” him, according to court documents.

“This is totally inappropriate behavior and there has to be some sort of deterrent effect above and beyond what the lawsuit itself would bring,” Kanani’s attorney Adam Heder said.

That’s why Heder filed the complaint now asking for $76,000 plus medical costs.

The article goes on to say that Attorney Heder wouldn’t provide photos of Kanani’s injuries, but said he had cuts and swelling on his face, a broken tooth and tinnitus in one ear, as well as what he’s suffered emotionally.

“You can imagine in the course of doing your job getting struck in the face in this aggressive and belligerent manner can cause a tremendous amount of emotional distress to even the best of us,” Heder said.

As far as what’s happening with Williams in court, on Monday he had a hearing on the charge of assault in the fourth degree. The judge apparently wasn’t impressed and he was released on that charge. However, the judge ordered him to stay away from Kanani (but now Kanani is suing him).

So, even though Williams doesn’t have to worry about that charge, as we’ve reported, he’s is still in lockdown in Portland because he’s wanted in Georgia.

PHOTO: KSTV screenshot