Murder Suicide Shooting At Elementary School In San Bernardino Kills Two And Injures Others

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Family and friends of Donna Alexander are in mourning. Alexander was known throughout the Dallas, Texas community because she helped victims of domestic violence, even making an appearance on Real Housewives of Dallas.

Her boyfriend, Nathaniel Mitchell, is being charged with her murder.

Alexander group up in a home where she witnessed domestic violence and was in an abusive relationship that led her to death. According to CBS DFW, Alexander was interviewed in 2008 when she opened the Anger Room. It was a business where people can break things to relieve their stress on items instead of people.

On Friday, Mitchell drove her to the hospital and claimed she fell in the shower. Alexander has two children that told family members they got locked in a room while they heard their mother scream. Lauren Armour, Alexander’s sister said, “Don’t wait until it’s too late. My sister waited until it was too late.”

Her church family is also saddened about the chain of events. Just days before her death, she requested the church pray for her boyfriend. Brian Carter, the Associate Pastor of her church said, “Her very last prayer request was for her assailant. His heart’s not right and (she) pray(ed) that his heart would soften.”


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