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50 Cent is apparently looking for a way to satisfy his inner masochist because he took to Instagram to have some fun talking about Busta Rhymes‘ neck muscles. 50 said he’s the “strongest neck in hip hop.”

Of course 50 knew he was messing with the wrong one after posting a photo of Busta Rhymes and Dirty Money CEO Big Fendi with the caption, “@bigfendi & @bustarhymes are trying to have me killed so I’m going to the UK to lay low.”

Rapper Casanova also warned 50 Cent that “Busta gonna f*** you up,” which 50 respectfully disagreed with. But then, Busta chimed in with this:

“Damn I’m just payin’ attention to what’s goin’ on cause I been busy finishin’ this new album.. I heard yo ass was ackin’ up my brother @50cent. !! Your tough look looks funny as hell you tight button face havin’ ass n***a. You look like you was smellin’ s*** like yo bandana stink you rancid face lookin’ ass mu’f***a…F*** you startin’ wit me for?!. That’s why I’m a keep bustin’ yo ass and EVERY F***IN’ BODY else ass on EVERY STAGE!!! You deflated tire performin’ face ass n***a!!! Now you need to go get EVERY Strapp!!!!

All we can do is laugh and hope they’re joking about this turning violent.

50 Cent: A History Of Beef
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2 thoughts on “Busta Rhymes Claps Back At 50 Cent After ‘Strongest Neck’ Comment

  1. I have never liked 50cents. That’s all he is worth to me.
    Always liked Busta Rhymes and his hip hop grooves.

    I think that if it were a battle with fists—Busta would WIN.
    If it were a battle rao–Busta would WIN!!!!!!!!!

    Go sit your azz down mr. 50!!!!!!
    Bye bye boy!!!!!!!!!

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