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The Braxton sisters needed some emotional and spiritual support from Iyanla Vanzant after they, with the exception of Traci Braxton, quit We TV’s Braxton Family Values and added Phaedra Parks to join the show.

According to MTO News, Iyanla convinced the sisters to appear on her show to try and repair their tense relationship. Well, it didn’t go as planned ‘cause sources tell the gossip site that the sisters WALKED OFF in the middle of filming when they thought that Iyanla was EXPLOITING their relationship – and instigating drama for ratings, the report states.

Tamar even went on Twitter to blast Iyanla, calling her “the Devil.” She was so mad about what went down during the taping that she referred to Vanzant by her government name: Rhonda Harris.

Peep her tweet below.

Previously it was reported that a source told the Jasmine Brand that Traci wanted Vanzant to encourage her sisters to support her, as she allegedly feels her siblings have not had her back during the release of her new album and that she’s being unfairly treated by them in the media.

When Traci announced last week that former The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks would be joining Braxton Family Values, Tamar and Towanda accused her of blindsiding the family by not following the plan to avoid filming the series.

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72 thoughts on “Tamar Calls Iyanla ‘The Devil’ After Braxton Sisters Walk Out On Her Show

  1. Aisha Ray on said:

    I saw the show. Iyanla cannot fix their kives. She can only give them the tools to fix their kives. Tamsr is a hot mess. Her behavior was out right disgusting. She acted like a child. She’s very disrespectful and needs to grow uo. The whole family has encouraged her bad behavior. The parents play a big part in why they are so messed up. All the crying tama r did was obviously fake. Cause here she is running her big mouth being disrespectful again. She has learned nothing.

  2. Omg!!! Didn’t they go to TDJakes and he told them they are spoiled and not humble to be on the platform they are on and still haven’t gotten a clue on how to sit down. Somewhere and now u wanna call Rhonda A Devil girl bye go sit down somewhere have serveral seats!!!
    The entire fam jacked up except for the brother and the father has moved on but Ms Evelyn can’t let go and let God and it has effected each and everyone of the girls it’s sad!
    Get off tv b4 u jack up these kids lives for goodness sake

    • Why is Iyanla being called the devil again for wanting to help tamar and her nasty attidue, and bad behavior along with her disfunctional sisters, excluding Tracy…. do they see themselves and behavior on national TV???? Help from anyone is impossible in their case.


  4. Tamar is the devil on the show, and her sisters and mother are sucked in by her nasty behavior, with the exception of TRACI…. if Tamar believe Iyanla is NOT qualified for the job, THEY SHOULD GO TO DR. PHILL FOR HELP. They are the SICK sisters and TAMAR is the sockedt.

  5. V ernetta W. on said:

    Tamar has been HELL, DAY ONE (1)
    I know Vince is DAMN GLAD to be out of that relationship! She didn’t really want him no way! ###4sho###

  6. Shirley on said:

    Hello Braxton family God first this family could be restored God is good all the time put your differences aside and learn how to come together with love as a family Tracy keep doing what you doing honey bun you are the genius of that family

    • Tikki Collins on said:

      As Tamar clearly stated, Rhonda is a fraud! She cant fix her own life. They may have their issues as all people do, however, The Braxtons are a brand and a family and Rhonda was trying to exploit them. She is a wolf in sherpa clothing. She better fix her own life.

  7. Michelle Singleton on said:

    I Watched the Braxtons when it first started.I stopped watching because they turned me off with the constant drama over bull.Money in fame in still ungrateful.

  8. The problem is the girls went to a ‘celebrity therapist’. If they really wanted to fix their lives, they would do so ‘off camera’ and with someone ‘qualified’ to do so. My take on all of this is:
    1-Get off TV and do individual counseling first, followed by group therapy
    2-Get Tamar to stop running her mouth—she’s devaluing the Braxton name and brand
    3-Shut down the production of the Braxton TV show…when you invite a known lying chick on the show, that was the last straw and showed desperation for ratings. We all know Traci wants/needs money and felt cheated out of a career when everyone toured while she was pregnant, but the boat has sailed and it’s time to pick up the little pieces and rebuild the family first !

    • The entire Braxton clan are done,stick a fork in those asses!!!
      Tamar has the biggest mouth but she may be the Realest, the mother is toxic for her daughters but they love her to pieces. What shows ruin/desperationin my OPINION is Toni MARRYING this guy!!ewwww , his face and nexthands, that’s disgusting, where can you take him Toni? But to the zoo

    • Iyania is well QUALIFIED professional as anyone off camera. The TRUTH of it all is YOU MUST WANT HELP TO GET HELP. If you think you know it all, you will treat ALL doctors who try to help you like dirt. Even God does not force himself on you.

  9. The Braxtons are full of drama and strife. I tried support Tamar but the more I read about her the crazier she seems. All of the sisters should have tried to take the help offered. They are always after each other and don’t seem to know the true meaning of family. They are one step away from becoming basketball wives. Whatever help Iyanla offered could only help this crazy disfunctional family.

  10. Busy Bee on said:

    Tamar is a BIG MOUTH heffa. She’s the DEVIL with the red horns and Iyanla mostly likely spoke some Truth and Tamar got offended. So happy Vince moved on with his life because it was obvious she was getting on his “D” nerves. She have so many insecurities and she lashes out on siblings and few friends she did have. She should be mad with all that PLASTIC SURGERY that went all wrong just a HOT MESS!!!!! personality and all.

  11. Vanessa Alim on said:

    All those Braxtons are ridiculous and Tamar is an over 40 brat! Her nasty immature attitude that’s out of line, she was doing to much on the VIEW…the ditch you dig for others is the same ditch you dig for you dig for yourself. I remember when Towanda was on IV show back in the 90s and she was tripping then …they need to sit their old asses down somewhere.

  12. Valencia on said:

    We all have demons we need to destroy. If you sign up to drive a car, do you complain if it’s not a Mercedes? Iyanla can be harsh, but she says at some point in the show, you’re gonna get mad at me. Tamar has a lot of anger, and if you watch Toni, she stays even Steven. Traci and Tawanda all have problems also. But if Iyanla is the Devil to her, God gave us power over him. Truthfully, they’re just another family with problems, they just make money to tell their story. Not everybody deserves to hear your story, but when you have no self respect for yourself. The Book is already open. Bless them. Money ain’t everything, but love conquers all!

  13. Kristina Rucker on said:

    they all need to suck it up move on and go back to work before they cancel the show all sure tamar was behind the drama she always is. Traci by herself is not enough to get me so watch. get over yourselves kadies.

  14. Marnita Ross on said:

    I love the Braxtons,Tracy did what Tracy had to do,in not gone quit cause you quit,Tamar spoiledthat attitude is why she’s not on no longer on the real but get Tracy a spin-off show I watch 2

    • Michelle on said:

      Those sisters grew up in church, and they money hungry, money is the root to evil and they always drinking what kind of Christian woman are they, Tamar, can’t call nobody a devil she treats her sisters like trash, both shows about making money,but guess what Braxston sisters, God giver and God can take it away…

      • For True! I myself used to be a ‘Die Hard’ fan of their show, as I am a Christian and am very mindful about what I entertain TV/Movie wise. When TBFV first aired I found it very wholesome, real and interesting to watch. They lost me eons ago as it became just as rachet as some of the Reality TV I purposely avoided at all costs. What they display now is just as messy as any of the others. Not Judging because The Almighty will do that one day for all. But the other shows never professed to be Christians and never started out that way, so I didn’t expect anymore from them if I chose to watch.

  15. Will-Edward on said:

    To be honest, Iyanla is not the problem at all. The Braxton’s tv show has come to an end and they need to face it. To be honest about the whole thing, Traci is far more interesting and down to earth than all of them. Real talk. WE TV, give Traci a spin-off, I’d watch. The others are boring and Tamar’s nasty spoiled attitude has gotten real old. But Toni can still sing and make records for me though!

    • Theresa Smith on said:

      No Tamar didn’t call Iyanla the devil….Heck Tamar has some nerve, she’s a very dramatic ass and oh so hateful…SHE NEEDS TO CALL IT QUITS WITH THE SINGING & OPT 4 AN ACTING GIG! I’m like KM now w/her broke A$$!

  16. The Braxtons is a great family I love the sisters they remind me of my sister’s!The baby of the family most time are spoiled&feel they are intiled&think they are always right like Tamar!I love Tracy she is very honest & tell you what’s on her mine!I hope her album sell big time!

    • A 40-Year-Old Baby – I’ll pass. I can find better things to pass my time with. She personally needs an intervention on her own. Notice she’s been going downhill for quite some time…her marriage, her Talk Show, now the Braxton’s show…just falling deeper and deeper into a hole, all the while, running her mouth ! Sad !

    • Samantha on said:

      Exactly. They can’t have healthy marriages because they have never seen one. There parents have been divorced over 25 years, and Ms. E still haven’t got over it.

  17. Justbeingme on said:

    Iyana is not trying to exploit there family they have done that on there own. and she doesnt claim herself to be a pyscholigist she tells everyone she is a life coach. they put there lives out here on display for the world to see anyway. tamar with her rachetness and messy divorce trina and towanda with her messy divorce. so what is it they have to hide. what they cant handle the truth they dont want Iyana to call them out on how they treat each other. if they want to really fix there relationship they would here het out. tamar ms mouth almighty tougne everlasting who always think shes right and her shit dont stink. she needs to get her life like shes always telling other people and have several seats and listen for a change.

    • Your family has forgotten the ” VERY ONE ( GOD ) who you depended on ALL of your Lives I am so heart broken to see how you as a Family has lost touch with ” THE LOVER OF YOUR SOUL “

      • Negretta Hughes on said:

        Absolutely, Amen! They can’t even expect to fix anything without putting God back where he use to be, first in all their lives!! He should be before and in place of all the alcohol and the drama. Bishop T.D. Jakes told them that they were all spoiled and ungrateful! I pray they are able to first, regain the right relationship with God, swallow their pride and apologize to Iyanla, and develop a new outlook of themselves! God Bless their Hearts 💞

    • Taking up space and trying to become relevant with her lying azz. Now, I have a reason to NOT watch the show ! If her lips are moving, she’s lying ! She’s probably trying to convince the audience that she’s really a Braxton…LOL…I’ve changed the channel…

  18. Vaun jines on said:

    Iyanla is a phony fake libber lip ethnic degree wana be leading her clients to say what she wants hem to say for ratings slanted eyed non attractive side show.

  19. kris9470 on said:

    I thought the last season would be the last because the Braxton family values is not good anymore…. It seem really disparate for a good story line on every show. I was surprise to hear they didn’t show up for the taping. I thought they should be thankful they are not cancelled which really it should be…….

  20. Please respect Ms. Iyanlya & what she brings to the table. The Braxton women deserve the same espect. At the end of the day we should support each other. It’s amazing how we can be against, speak on, take sides w/our own & let Trump & the bullsit just get by…Wake up!!!

  21. Janis Grant on said:

    Sorry to say this, but no ones watching the Braxtons any longer, they don’t have an interesting story line. You Can’t get angry when you put the info out there for the public to criticize your entire life. Imagine this,how would you feel if someone called your mother out of her name? The spirits of these woman are very questionable.

  22. carissa jones on said:

    Whether mrs.v is a therapist or not Tamar is out of control, truth be told Traci is the most 100 of all the sister’s she is in touch with family and reality. Tamar keeps a different pose she can’t and don’t hold on to friends.she makes me SICK!!! with her ball headed self,and that big face

    • I have never liked Tamar. She is a overgrown lil girl that wants everything her way. To call another black woman the devil is beyond me when Tamar herself has shown immature evil ways. She need to go up and take her own advice and get her life. Traci get your coins.

  23. I watch her show and sometimes, she is a little much for my taste. In that case I change the channel. But why go on there when you know what the deal is? Plus Tamar don’t want nobody telling her she is anything near wrong. She has the nastiest attitude of any Entertainer that I’ve seen. She is vile, hateful and maybe has a screw loose herself.

  24. I like Iylanal I think she does help but you have to be willing to work with her I’m sorry the braxton sisters are having problems but they didn’t just start but now poor Traci is being treated like a stranger and this is there sister I always wonder why if this show is Grafton family values why is there brother not part of show

  25. I have read the comments and the ones crying foul are the same ones, that don’t want to hear he or she is not good for you. That you shouldn’t make that decision. Don’t wear that drsss or those pants are too tight. Same ones. She’s a truth teller. She hasn’t been wrong yet. How is someone a fraud when they told you to respect yourself or respect someone else’s feelings? Telling u to open your heart and let go of the negativity? Same people on here yelling fraud aren’t being honest with themselves about life

    • Valerie Sylvester on said:

      Those sister’s n mother just don’t like to hear the truth about their self (Iyanla is the real deal she doesn’t sugar coat anything she speaks the truth) Tamar thought she would have things her way if it’s not her way then she do what she does best(WALKS AWAY)
      That’s why she’s going through it right now(CARMA)IS A _ITCH

  26. Kristy Daniels on said:

    Iyanla is to real for them Braxtons. Only reason they didn’t walkout on TD Jakes cuz they respect him as a Bishop. Everyone who watches Iyanla show know how it goes( she’s right and everyone else is wrong), so y go. Nobody likes to be wrong but we all get wrong sometimes.

  27. ResponsibilityInControl on said:

    Sadly enough this is entertainment aimed for the AA community regardless if she fixes anything or not. But what we will watch to be entertained…………..

  28. Renee Webb on said:

    Out of control Tamar!!!
    So disrespectful….every week or daily..u dig yourself deeper into ugliness…b careful of what ur putting out there…

  29. tedgravely on said:

    No way, nope, uh-uh, naw, negative, no siree. Keep Iyanla out of your life. If you want to know how to become a lawyer, industrious, and get a hustle. Giddy up. If you want to fix anything – RUN!

  30. Iyanla is an entertainer, not a qualified therapist. She is in way over her head, and in some cases she manages to do more harm than good. I think she comes off very angry sometimes, and she probably needs to work on her own issues before she tries to help her guests, many of whom are too fragile for Iyanla’s temper tantrums.

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