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Over the weekend at a Country Music Festival in Oregon, a black teenager was assaulted after expressing his dislike for the Confederate flag.

The Associated Press reports that, Linn County Sheriff Jim Yon said that the Confederate flag wavers were driving through the camping area of the Willamette Country Music Festival in Brownsville, Ore., flying their flag from a black pickup truck when the 18-year-old victim spoke out.

According to the Linn County Sheriff’s Office:

“Deputies learned that a black Ford pick-up with three males was driving through the camping area, near Section O, waving a large Confederate flag. Before the Kid Rock concert, the victim who was walking in the area yelled something to the males about their flag because he did not like it. One male jumped out of the pick-up and he and the victim exchanged further name-calling. The suspect hit the victim several times and then drove off in the pick-up.”

According to KVAL, the suspect is described as a white man (no surprise there), in his late teens or early 20s with “dark hair … wearing jeans, a black muscle shirt with the sides cut, brown boots and a black cowboy hat.”

The victim was treated for non-life threatening injuries at Lebanon Community Hospital and released, reports KVAL.

Authorities are investigating whether the incident qualifies as a hate crime.

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5 thoughts on “Black Teen Assaulted By Man With Confederate Flag At Oregon Music Festival

  1. African American Woman on said:

    They had no right to put their hands on him, but dude, don’t be an idiot and start some dumb shit with some Confederate flag waving white man. Did you think they were getting out of the truck to kumbaya with you?

  2. dgreyeyes on said:

    It is best to let haters of different ethnic backgrounds be but if they put their hands on you and you have let them be put their MF’ing asses in the ground. Do like them and start carrying guns and raising the black power flag.

    • What the fuck was this stupid kid doing at a country concert (paying admission no less) featuring Trump chump Kid Rock anyway? If he wants to represent our cause he at least needs some backup (e.g. the counter-demonstrators in DC last week who far outnumbered the white “uniters”). You can bet those thugs wouldn’t dare wave the Flag of Treasonous Racism at a hip-hop concert in Portland-they’d know better.

    • #GodsChild on said:

      You need to have an encounter with God (even if you don’t believe He exists). I pray that before you leave this world that you will allow God to heal your wounded heart because that’s the place that you’re speaking from. From the heart, the mouth speaks. I will pray for you.

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