Ben Carson has officially taken the steps to make housing as segregated as possible in America. Until now, he was blocking the July 2015 Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing rule, which was to ensure neighborhoods were not segregated. Now Carson wants to completely dismantle the rule.

Under the Obama administration, with Julian Castro as the secretary of Housing and Urban Development, the 2015 rule required more than “1,200 communities receiving billions of federal housing dollars to draft plans to desegregate their communities — or risk losing federal funds,” according to The Washington Post. This rule was necessary considering studies have shown that when neighborhoods are segregated, Black and brown communities receive less funding and fewer resources.

However, it would seem that Carson couldn’t care less about Black and brown communities receiving less. He released a statement on Monday claiming the rule was “suffocating investment” and “we can craft a new, fairer rule.” Now word on what the “fairer” rule would be.

In May, fair-housing advocates filed a lawsuit against Carson, claiming that he “unlawfully suspended the 2015 rule by not providing advance public notice or opportunity for comment.”

“HUD has continued to grant federal dollars to municipalities even when they know the municipalities are engaging in discrimination,” Lisa Rice, president and chief executive of the National Fair Housing Alliance, one of three housing advocacy groups that joined the lawsuit, told The Washington Post. “They are rewarding cities for bad behavior.”

No word on how Carson’s latest move will affect the lawsuit.


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